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Medical Interpretation Bloopers!

I have my own story of medical translation gone bad in the form of a serious ear infection because translated as a serious brain bleed. This misinterpretation could have meant the difference between my friends adopting their daughter or not. Because I lead a relatively sheltered life in a predominantly English speaking country, only holidaying in other English speaking counties, I am surprised that I have a story like this to tell.

Learning From Your Mistakes

Nobody’s perfect. Especially language learners. I’ve seen folks who study a language for an entire 6-month stretch, then give up, only to want to study again after five years.

How to Write Good English For ESL Writers

Before he became a famous writer, Ernest Hemingway started his career as a young reporter for the Kansas City Star. It was there that he received a very basic style sheet that contains four simple rules. What did it say?

An Overview of Dialects in a Nutshell

Dialects originated at a time when most people spent their whole lives living and working within the same village or parish. Dialects will vary by region, even town or village and by social groups. They typically differ in terms of the pitch in accent, with the use of the verbs and adjectives, particle usage, overall vocabulary and in some cases pronunciation. However they differ they are inherently intelligible to each others’ speakers.

How to Develop a “Powerful” Vocabulary

In most any language, there are “power” words that are more descriptive and can immediately paint a clearer picture. Anyone who wishes to be the most effective communicator in a particular vernacular will do well to integrate that powerful language into their everyday stock of words.

Learn French Online For Free – Suggested Strategies, Pros, and Cons

Learning French online is made easy by the wealth of resources available. That said, you need structure to maximize the benefit you get out of the time you spend studying French, and this requires a strategy. In this article, I will do three things: outline the strategy that I use when I study my French online, list the advantages, and list the downsides I’ve found.

Learn French Training to Get a Leg Up in the Workforce

With the current economy and unemployment reaching critical levels, now is the time to brush up on your resume to either continue to secure the job you have currently or to gain employment elsewhere. The better your resume looks, the more the competitive advantage you will have over those who are also trying to fill the spots that are available. Learn French training to help you get a leg up in the workforce.

Learn French Now! A Basic Grammar Guide to French

Letters, words, parts of speech, and sentences may appear all jumbled together at first when learning a new language. It might take you years to get all those parts right, when all you really want to do is learn French now! Don’t despair; here are some basic rules of grammar to help you as you learn French training.

Learn French Now! French Words and Phrases You Need to Know

As a native English speaker, you might already know the basic tools you need to have in order to begin to learn French now. Find out why French and English are similar and get the basic phrases you need to know to show good manners in both languages.

Learn French CDs – Listen to Be More Suave With Romance Languages

Are you a Don Juan with the ladies? Would you like to make your men purr as you use saucy French phrases? Buy a learn French CD to help you become more suave with romantic languages, such as French.

Are You Looking to Learn Spanish With a Free Online Course?

If you are looking to learn Spanish with a free online course you may be disappointed at what is actually available online. Not every free course is that great, in fact very few are. There are certain exceptions however, and a couple of them are discussed in this article.

The Reasons to Join an Online Indonesian Course

Are you considering of having an Indonesian language course yet you can hardly rearrange your tight schedule? Cheer up! An online Indonesian course might be your best solution to your problem.

Interpreting – The Art of Communicating in International Business

Interpretation is the verbal translation of a conversation or presentation. Interpreter’s role is to ensure communication between parties is as clear as possible and misunderstandings are minimized. Having an interpreter allows you to express yourself in your native language. An interpreter can help you bide time to formulate responses in negotiations and assist you in understanding cultural differences.

Teach Yourself Languages – Tip Number 3, Part 1 – Different is Not Wrong

Anglo-Saxons are often accused of seeing themselves as the center of the universe – particularly Americans. And yes, this is to some extent true. But no matter what our ethnicity or nationality, all of us are naturally inclined to view the world through the lens of our cultural upbringing and experience. Since language and culture are inseparable, we grow up believing subconsciously that our way of expressing things verbally is THE way to express them, and that anything else is merely an inferior attempt at imitation. (I am of course using hyperbole to make a point.) So when we learn a different way of expressing an idea than we would express it, it seems strange, and sometimes downright silly.

Start Spanish Language – Don’t Get Left Behind!

If you speak Spanish, doors will open for you: better paying jobs, terrific holidays, enhanced relationships within your community, higher self-esteem and improved language skills. How about you? Can You speak Spanish?

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