20 Daily Spanish Conversations – Spanish Practice for Advanced learners

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In this video, you’ll challenge your Spanish listening comprehension skills. You will listen to 20 small dialogues for advanced learners by Spanish native speakers. This is THE place to start if you want to start learning Spanish, and improve both your listening and speaking skills.

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5 Great Things to Do in Ecuador

If you are going to study Spanish in Ecuador, one thing you’re certain to wonder is what there is to do besides going to Spanish classes. Here we will briefly examine five activities to consider during your time in Ecuador while you are studying the Spanish language.

A Concise History Of The English Language

The English language is truly an international language. This article will briefly explain the origins of the English Language.

ESL for Managers: Some Tips on How to Hire Great Employees

For the manager whose first language is not English, interviewing prospective candidates for your team can be a challenge. Your success may well depend on the people you can attract. Here are some ideas on how to bring quality people on board.

Greek Superstitions

Black cats, opening an umbrella indoors, Friday the 13th and walking under a ladder are superstitions found in different countries that many of us have heard of. Learning about superstitions is a great way to learn about different cultures and it’s also a fun way to practice the language. Take a Greek Lesson by learning about Greek superstitions.

ESL For Managers: Give Good Feedback To Your Staff And Get Great Results

Feedback is a powerful tool for a manager, but only if it is done well. Use the English language effectively. Learn how to be careful with what you say, when you say it and where.

ESL For Managers: Leadership Tips For Success

To be a great manager in business requires highly developed leadership abilities. Communication skills are an important element in leadership especially for a manager who uses English as a second language. Learn how to get your message across.

The Opposition of Emotionally Colored and Emotionally Neutral Vocabulary

Speech expresses our emotions and that is really interesting to notice in the lexical meaning of the words. The emotionally colored words are contrasted to the neutral ones.

Learn Spanish In No Time, Quick and Easy

There are many new techniques, tutorials and strategies available to download from the internet which will help anyone who is wanting to learn the fantastic language of Spanish. Many learning times can be cut in half by using such techniques. These ways of learning are not based on old fashioned methods and keep you motivated and enthused to learn more. You have the opportunity to learn Spanish in no time, in a quick and easy process.

Tips in Improving English Grammar

The keystone of proper speaking and writing is correct English grammar. Whether or not English is your native or second language, you can gain a lot from small exercises to enhance your grammar and be more successful in communicating with other people. Here are tips for you to improve your grammar in the English language.

Using Korean Games and Applications to Help You Learn Korean

Utilizing games can be highly effective when trying to learn a new language. Likewise when it comes to learning Korean, there are a number of games available online to help you pick up the language at a fast rate. The benefits of these different types online games is the fact they incorporate anything from understanding consonants, studying Korean numbers, basic Korean phrases and prepositions, learning vocabulary such as clothing, directions, ordering food, and the list goes on.

Social Media’s Effect on Language

Technology has done a great deal to change what we came to rely upon. The tools available are incredible but it has also changes communication. Social media has had a tremendous effect on the English language and how we communicate.

Learning a Language: French

Planning a visit to Paris? If you are taking a trip to France, whether for business or pleasure, you are probably looking to brush up on your French. If you are a native English speaker and are looking to learn a little French, you are more than halfway there.

Should You Get an AI Pen Pal Or a Real Human Pen Pal From Half a World Away?

Not long ago, I met an interesting person online who asked to be a pen pal. The individual asked how their English was doing and if they’d made any grave grammatical errors, indeed they hadn’t which was refreshing. Perhaps, this was a way to communicate while learning and practicing how to write in English. If we stop and look at that concept it sure seems like a dynamite way to learn to write in this language doesn’t it?

Learning a New Language With an Artificial Intelligent Program – How Might That Work?

Some of the brilliant software engineers at Google have been working on ways to help with human translation, specifically on the Internet. In fact, they wish to use gamification to help do all this. It is a worthy endeavor, and it would also help people learn new languages, as it helped the entire globe communicate regardless of which language they were using, or which language their human minds had learned in school. Okay so, let’s talk about this because I have yet another idea.

Tips to Avoid Common Grammatical Mistakes

English can confuse even people who have been speaking the language for years. Common mistakes like using tenses, plural forms or passive/ active voice can make anyone think twice before forming a sentence.

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