30 Advanced Spanish Words (Useful Vocabulary)

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In this video we will teach you 30 useful Spanish words you’ll probably hear in everyday life conversations in Spanish!

You’ve decided to start learning Spanish, so let’s build up your vocabulary! In this video, you’ll learn some of the most important words and phrases in the Spanish language. If you want to start learning Spanish, this video is made for you. Our host expresses herself in simple Spanish, with subtitles. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your Spanish study.

This is the fastest, easiest way to pick up basic Spanish!

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Learn Korean: Essential Principles In Learning Korean

Getting to know a different language tends to be enjoyable and interesting at the beginning but eventually, that original enthusiasm may begin to fade. If you are learning Korean, and wants to make even more progress, I would suggest these simple principles to learn Korean. Familiarize yourself with basic common Korean words It’s very important knowing a few basic Korean words before you look into learning grammar and phrases.

Memory Techniques – How to Improve Your Language Learning – Part 2

The brain needs a little help along the way sometimes and the science proves this. The cortex system or the “advanced” part of the brain brain is divided into two halves, the left and the right. The left is used for words, logic, number, sequence, analysis, lists, detail and the right for rhythm, spatial awareness, gestalt, imagination, colour and dimension. If you can link the two sides of your brain in your learning you have more likelihood of getting the information to ‘stick’ and of transferring the information from the short term memory to the long term. That is why colour-coding, mnemonics, mind-mapping, listing and chunking words into groups, putting groups of words to a rhythm or chant or bouncing a ball while saying the words are all so effective: both sides of the brain are working together, words with music, sequence with imagination, lists with spatial awareness.

To What Extent Social Networks Could Contribute to Your Translation Business

We have already acknowledged the existence and impact the social networks have on our personal, social and business life. Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter prove to be one of the most influential network weapons we have in our hands to find our place on the competitive translation market.

4 Important Tips For Every Translator

The growth of the translation industry has been widely credited to the growth of globalization. This phenomenon has led to vast interactions between people from different regions of the world. With English taking place as the leading language, the requirement of translating local languages into English has increased. Even though, many people are well versed in more than one language, still it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of the languages to be able to do a proper translation of any document. With more and more people looking to make their mark, there is a lot competition in this field.

Translation Services – A Necessity In Today’s World

Every day the world is getting smaller and smaller. There was a time when 80 days seemed hardly enough to go around the world. Nowadays, it takes less than 80 hours. The vast improvement in transportation has increased the interaction between people from different cultures to a large extent. Also, the internet has made every culture on the planet accessible at the click of a button. This easy access to cultures has led to increased communication on a personal and business level. This has proved beneficial for business, as it has opened up new markets for the sale of their products. This offers a lot of monetary benefits to them, as a product might not be very valuable in a particular area, but might be a rare commodity at someplace else.

Qualities To Look For When Searching For A Translator

With the internet expanding the reach of any business to markets worldwide, the need for translation is constantly rising. Also, with people from different cultures and communities coexisting together shows us that the world is definitely getting smaller. Even though, many people pride themselves on being good with languages, not everyone can claim the distinction of being a translator. Being a translator does not mean having studied the language when you were in school or scraping through conversation with a few picked up sentences.

Machine Translation Vs Human Translation: Which Should You Choose?

Many people think of translation as changing text from one language to another, but it is a lot more. Translation includes transferring a person’s thoughts and emotions into another language. It takes a large amount of responsibility and skill to take one person’s words and change them into another language, while staying true to the essence of the writer. Nowadays, there are two ways in which text translation can be done, Machine translation and Human translation.

Skills Required For Effective Translation

With the world becoming a smaller place, due to advanced technology, varied cultures are coming closer to each other. This is creating interactions between people, who have never before met in history. New cultural interactions are leading to an increase in translation services. Translating a text from one language to another is not an easy task as it does not just involve literally translating the material from one language to another.

Impact Of Translation On Human Society

Some people might believe that society can be considered as an inanimate object. This could not be farther from the truth. Society is more like an organism, which is constantly evolving itself according to the stimuli it receives. This evolution is constantly taking place all around us. In the past few decades, society has evolved rapidly due to exchange of ideas made easy between people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The Ins and Outs of Teaching English Abroad

Thinking about teaching English abroad? Have you thought about what that really means? What kind of life and lifestyle changes that means to you, personally? This informative, thought-provoking article will cause you to take close look at your self and whether teaching English overseas is for you.

5 Ways of Keeping Language Learning Interesting

Discover the author’s 5 ways of keeping language learning interesting. If you are one of those many who experience lag time at one point during your journey to learning a second language, you will benefit greatly from this article.

Languages of the World and the Efforts to Preserve Them

The number and spread of particular languages is changing rapidly. Learn which are the top ten languages and what is happening to the rest.

We’re Not in London Anymore: The Queen’s English Becomes Indian

In a country that seems to contain as much linguistic diversity as a whole continent, the English language in India serves as a lingua franca and has, over centuries of use and evolution, come into its own as a distinct and vibrant language. From business to literature, English is a potent communication force in modern India. Due to centuries of interactions with local languages, Indian English has absorbed many Indian phrases and constructs into its fabric, with the result that it is now a truly unique language.

When to Pronounce Final Consonants in French

Deciding when to pronounce the final consonant on a French word can be difficult. This article presents some rules of thumb that will help you decide whether to pronounce the final consonant in many common cases.

Tips to Pick Up a Foreign Language Quickly

Learning a foreign language has many benefits. Beyond the obvious perks of being able to easily converse with others when you travel or even in business, learning a language has also been proven to improve brain function and memory in old age. If you’re interested in picking up a new language quickly, here are a few tips to help you do that.

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