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Irregular Verbs in the Spanish Preterite Tense

Writing a list of all irregular preterite verbs in Spanish would take quite a while as there are many verbs that have irregularities. This article will deal with the conjugation of the preterit, or preterito as it is also known and the most common irregular verbs that conjugate differently in this past tense.

Islands Where Spanish is Spoken

Are you studying Spanish? Would you like to combine an island vacation with the opportunity to put your language skills into practice? The Spanish Empire left a lasting legacy around the world, in terms of the sheer number of countries where its conquering language is still spoken. Some of those countries are island nations unto themselves, and all make for great vacation destinations.

Benefits of Using a Recruiter to Find Your Next ESL Teacher

Recently an employer asked us about full service recruitment. In particular, what would be the benefits of using a recruiter to find an English teacher, versus using an online job board?

Learn English Easily – If You Are a German Person

Learn English in record time if you are a German national. The internet has truly opened up many opportunities to learn a second language quickly and easily.

How to Speak Spanish – What Can Aristotle Tell You About This? Part 2

This is the second article of our series “What Can Aristotle Tell You”. In this article, we will have a new view over more of Aristotle pure wisdom quotes, and how they can impact your Spanish learning experience and achievements.

Learn Spanish Easily – 5 Things You Should Know If You Want to Learn Spanish Quickly

Trying to learn Spanish quickly? Want to know the best way to learn Spanish easily, without spending a lot of time and money? Here are five things to consider.

For ESL Learners – How Can I Improve My English Listening Ability?

Do you want to improve your ability to understand spoken English? Read this article to learn some strategies for improving your English listening ability.

Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

Improve your language learning and skills by thinking about the language, reading and writing aloud, challenging yourself, and speaking with natives. Unlike the people that have trouble learning a foreign language, those that will not even give it a try, should take another look at what it can offer.

Japanese Business Phrases – Simple Phrases to Help You Do Business in Japan

In order to succeed doing business in Japan, its not only good to know conversational Japanese phrases but also some good Japanese business phrases when it comes to the actual business meeting. These are some helpful phrases to know:

How to Evaluate Your Language Learning Progress

Like all types of learning, it’s important to keep tabs on your progress when you’re studying a foreign language. Evaluating your development, along with your strengths and weaknesses, will be of immense value to your overall experience.

Challenging Yourself in Language Learning

How much should you challenge yourself in language learning? According to most studies, lessons should be moderately difficult but not enough to overwhelm. That means taking on tasks that present a decent amount of challenge while being achievable within your current level.

Rocket Japanese Reviews – Learn Japanese Online Properly

Though there are many other Japanese-learning programs on the internet, Rocket Japanese has proven to be one of the best and most effective in the market. This can be seen through the customer testimonials, comments and reviews written by previous students of the program, and even the entire curriculum of the course located in the website.

Rocket Spanish – Is it Really Worth Your Money?

An online course is one of the fastest and most effective ways to learn a new language. You can learn at your own pace when it is convenient for you and it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as formal classes. Rocket Spanish is just one of the options available if you are seeking to learn conversational Spanish quickly online but is it really worth your money?

Online Conversational Spanish Course – Learn Spanish at Home

One may make conversational Spanish course look as easy as it spells. It’s all about how you manage to learn Spanish. One has several options for this.

Reasons Why Learning English is Important

English has become an international language. Here are several reasons why you really should learn English.

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