460 Spanish Words for Everyday Life – Basic Vocabulary #23

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In this series, we will teach you the core 800 Spanish words that you must know if you’re a an absolute beginner.
With each new episodes in this series, we’ll include the previous lessons at the end.
So after you’ve learned the new words and phrases, stick around and review what you learned in previous lessons. Reviewing is one of the most important parts of learning a language!
This is THE place to start if you want to learn Spanish, and improve both your listening and speaking skills.

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4 Reasons Not to Use a Bilingual Dictionary

Many English teachers do not encourage students to use these dictionaries. (There are some exceptions, such as beginning English students.) They may seem better than English-only dictionaries because they are very quick and easy to use, but they are not good for improving your English.

Pronunciation and Vocabulary in Learning One Foreign Language

As the rapid development of our world goes on, we are becoming more and more connected with each other no matter where we come from. So we need to learn at least one foreign language and also must know how to learn any one foreign language.

Why Should Children Learn American Sign Language?

Sign language for children has proven to be very effective in developing their learning skills. When children learn American Sign Language at a young age, it helps to stimulate the learning side of their brain.

What’s Translation Certification and Notarization?

In case you are getting a non-commercial document (e.g. driver’s license, start certificate, army service document, college diploma and transcript) translated, it’s possible you’ll be essential to submit a licensed and notarized translation. Certification and notarization give a better degree of self-assurance for the recipient that the translation continues to be carried out by an expert translator and that the translation accurately displays the knowledge contained from the document.

Want To Study Chinese Language? Read On

Do you want to study Chinese language? If the answer is affirmative then it is recommended that you stay motivated and focused in your endeavor. Several people shun the idea to study Chinese midway after realizing that the subject is difficult to gauge and learn.

Learn Spanish – Practice Online and Improve How You Speak Spanish

Today I will give you some advice to learn Spanish, practice online, and improve how you speak Spanish. Some of the resources mentioned in this article are free and others are not. I will begin with a free resource which is one that I regularly participate in and volunteer my services as a Spanish instructor at no charge.

Improving English Speaking Power

It is very difficult for some people to speak and improve English. Many try to improve in different ways but still to no avail and they fail. There is a way in which you can improve any language and also you can improve the fluency to a much higher extent…

Learning to Embrace the French Language by Reading Books

Reading is fun. It is not a time-consuming activity at all. The various books you read, the more knowledge you’ll learn and the better you get. In addition to that, reading is what makes you an intelligent student of French.

Learning the French Grammar the Right Way

The French grammar is rich and is loaded by unique sounds and phrasing. It might be hard for the beginners and your mind seems to boggle once you meet someone talking right in front of you and he’s very fluent.

What Could Be The Best Way To Learn Spanish For You?

What is the best way to learn Spanish? This question has been asked by anyone who has ever wanted to learn Spanish as a second language. So what is the best way to learn Spanish? Are you ready for the answer?

How To Learn Spanish Tenses Online and Spanish Verbs Online

One of the greatest challenges that you will ever encounter as a native English speaker who is learning Spanish is how to learn Spanish tenses online and Spanish verbs online. No, I am not a native English speaker but I have taught enough Americans and Europeans how to speak my wonderful language that I would know what your obstacles will be. In this article I will give you 2 resources that will help you overcome these obstacles and hopefully one day help you achieve complete fluency in this or any other romance language that you may choose.

Free Online Learning Spanish Grammar Book

Today I will tell you about a free online learning Spanish grammar book that you can download immediately and get access to. Over the weekend, I was surfing the web and I found a Spanish Grammar book in the public domain. The book was first published in 1917. The name of the book is Pitman’s Commercial Spanish Grammar by C. A. Toledano.

Fragments of Ideas on German Learning

What are your purposes to learn German? If you decide to learn German, you should make yourself clear what are your purposes. When your purposes are clear, then move to learning it.

Go Into Italian

Learning Italian like any other language, the first step is to proceed to vocabulary. And after it you could learn others which will help you to understand Italian later.

Is The Colombian Accent The Best Accent For Learning Spanish?

Several subscribers to my Spanish-language learning newsletter have asked me is the Colombian accent the best accent for learning Spanish. Since I have lived in two different cities in Colombia (Barranquilla and Medellin) and have also traveled to many different cities and “pueblos” (towns) in that country, I will try to answer the question.

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