5 Simple Ways to Learn New Spanish Words

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In this video you’ll discover the 5 simple ways to learn new Spanish words.

SpanishPod101 is the best place to get started with the Spanish language as you will get on your way to Spanish fluency fast. We provide you with everything you need to maser the language.

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Learn to Read Japanese – Hiragana and Katakana

If your ambition is to learn Japanese you need to begin with Hiragana not Romaji. Romaji script is not Japanese. Don’t waste time learning how to read Romaji thinking it will help you learn how to read Japanese. It won’t. It is far better to start with Hiragana.

JLPT Level 3

1996 instead of taking level 4 I decided to take level 3. The gamble paid off and I passed. I did quite well in all sections, especially in the listening section “chokai”. If you are fairly confident that you could pass level 4, it might be worthwhile skipping the level and taking a gamble with level 3.

The Ways to Teach the Children Outside China to Learn Chinese

This article is about how to learn Chinese. It may be helpful for you if you want to learn Chinese.

What About Pronunciation When Learning Spanish? – Pronunciation is Important When You Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish is not that difficult, but people tend to worry that others will not be able to understand them. Pronunciation is an important key to insure that you are not misunderstood, so, a few tips on learning how to say things the right way!

American English is Just Way Too Easy to Learn!

And you’re way too crazy not to try it. For most people, learning to speak American English seems to be a tough challenge and a seemingly hard task to take on. After all, what’s there to like about such a crazy language filled with stuff that they call nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs? And if that wasn’t enough, the “creators” of American English added adverbials, adjectivals, prepositions, gerunds and participles. Say what again?

Who Else Wants to Learn to Speak American English Fast and Fluently?

So I’m assuming you have recalled that last moment you got embarrassed in front of everybody. Blurting out the wrong words and making that guy give you the confused (and hopefully not offended) look on his face, when you really didn’t mean what you said, makes you just want to run and hide. Whatever you do, don’t book a flight tomorrow and head towards your hometown, away from all “them American English speaking dudes and dudettes!”

The Benefits of Using a Learn to Speak Spanish CD

Learning a new language is always going to prove beneficial in today’s world. We travel more than we have ever done, and it can also be valuable for a career. There are many countries that have Spanish as their native language, so it is definitely worth your while to learn it.

Latin America Spanish – Making More Sense of Sentences

You can teach yourself Latin America Spanish, with a little help. Here we will construct a few basic sentences and practise the present progressive tense of verbs. Repeat as often as needed until you are thinking in Spanish!

If You Could Eavesdrop on the Entire Earth, You Would Hear Chinese – Would You Understand Anything?

Contrary to common belief, the most widely spoken language in the world is not English, but Mandarin Chinese. Research conducted in the last years points out that Mandarin is spoken by about 1 billion people in the world, being followed by Spanish, English, Hindi and Arabic. Surprisingly, in the 16th edition of Ethnologue, French and Italian are not even included in the top 10 most spoken languages, although they are of international use. Pretty amazing findings, isn’t it? In other words, if someone would be able to perceive sounds from outside Earth, the loudest ones would be in Chinese.

Hot Tips on How to Learn Spanish

There are several advantages of learning Spanish in our days because the web is full of great resources you can use to learn this wonderful language. When you are attempting to learn Spanish you should compare in some cases with your native language.

Why is Learning Spanish Important For Your Business?

People from United States and other nations that have mastered the English language would not be so interested in learning Spanish because they feel that English is sufficient. Everybody can easily speak English in several countries around the world but the reality of our days is that times have changed.

Most Efficient Ways to Learn Spanish Online

Learning Spanish is basically the same as learning any other language and the methods and ways could be the same. If you are studying in a local Spanish school you probably don’t have the opportunity to interact with people that are from countries where native language is Spanish and this is a disadvantage you could have in these cases.

Top 3 Places to Learn Spanish Online

Spanish is a wonderful language to learn and one of the most globally spoken idioms around the globe. The Spanish speaking community is an every-growing one in several places such as Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States where immigrants from Latin America and Spain are building a very powerful community over there. This is a very important reason to learn Spanish because the influence of this idiom could positively impact your business as well as institutional and academic relationship.

Learn Chinese to Speak Fluently and With Ease

For those who wish to learn Chinese to speak fluently in the language, even to natives, one product you may consider purchasing is the Rosetta Stone Chinese program. This is one of the most popular types of programs for language learning because of the numerous options available to teach Chinese to speak the language like native Chinese language speakers do. While it is a pricey investment, the money is well spent when you consider all of the advantages this product has to offer.

Tips to Learn Spanish Grammar

Spanish is one of the major languages of the world. There are any countries in which Spanish is spoken as the main language. During the times of colonization Spain had occupied many places and they spread their language there. Here are the tips to learn Spanish grammar.

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