6 Ways to Make Learning Spanish Easier Than Before

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In this video you’ll discover the 6 ways to make learning easy, why cheating and looking up answers is a good way to actually learn a language, how to learn from native speakers without getting overwhelmed by their fast speaking, and much more.

SpanishPod101 is the best place to get started with the Spanish language as you will get on your way to Spanish fluency fast. We provide you with everything you need to maser the language.

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Conversational Spanish Lessons – Try Before You Buy

There are so many Spanish courses available today, in a wide variety of formats (DVDs, CDs, software, mp3s, etc.) that you may find it difficult to decide which one will best meet your needs. Before you plunk down your cash or credit card on any Spanish course, see if it offers sample lessons that you can try for free.

Amy Waterman – A Friendly Voice at Rocket Spanish

Lots of folks already know Amy Waterman as the female instructor from the Rocket Spanish courses. Her friendly voice is paired with that of Mauricio Evlampieff to create the interactive audio lessons of the program. Here’s a brief biography about the woman behind the voice.

Accent Reduction – Secrets of English Pronunciation For Koreans, Part 1

I am an accent reduction specialist, and I am going to give away some secrets of English pronunciation for Koreans learning English. There are some common mistakes that almost all Koreans make, and it is because of the differences between the Korean and English languages.

Accent Reduction – Secrets of English Pronunciation For Koreans, Part 2

Because English and Korean are very different languages, there are some sounds that create extra difficulty for Korean speakers learning English. I hope you will find that these secrets give you that extra boost to make your English more understandable.

Speak Spanish Better – 3 Tips

So you’ve learned the basics of Spanish and you can carry on simple conversations with others who speak the language. Now you can work on learning to speak Spanish better, day by day. Here are three tips.

Get to Know the Rocket Spanish Blog

Rocket Spanish has an intriguing blog site. It is dedicated to explaining and reviewing the online course. It is also dedicated to more advertising about the course itself. Is it really a blog? Let’s take a look at what if offers.

Rocket Hindi Review – Is Rocket Hindi Worth the Money?

Rocket Hindi is a popular Hindi Language course created by Nikita Sharma. As a life-long lover of foreign languages, I recently purchased the program and compared it to the twelve other foreign language courses I already own. So, how does Rocket Hindi measure up and who should consider purchasing this language program?

Are Online Internet Language Tutors Worth the Time?

The answer truly depends on what kind of person you are. If you are person who loves one on one interaction and feedback, then ‘Yes’ most definitely are online internet language tutors are worth your time, but if you are a person who just enjoy learning by yourself, or studying alone, without feedback or distraction, then ‘No’ online internet language tutors are not worth your time.

Understanding Spanish Grammar – The Definite Article

This article gives an overview of when the definite article is generally used and when it is not used in sentences. The article first reviews what definite articles are in the Spanish language, and then goes on to describe how they are used, and various exceptions to the language rules. Finally, it discusses when the definite article should be omitted from sentences.

English Measure Adjectives For the Instructor of Advanced ESL Students

This is a description of the seven English measure adjectives: long, wide, deep, thick, tall, high, old. It shows how they are unique in English, and how they are used.

Learning Chinese Online With the Innovative System – Anywhere, Anytime – Part Two

With the help of powerful course booking system and virtual learning platform, learning Chinese online has never been this easy. In this article, I will continue introduce the 4 distinctive features of another system – virtual interactive study room which enables students and teachers to write, share documents and communicate in real time.

American Identity and Language

This article is about identity with a focus on American national identity to see if English Language is a part of the American national identity. When it comes to America, we are always asked what American identity is or what distinguishes American identity from British identity and so on.

Learn Spanish at Home – Can You Really?

Learning Spanish at home sounds to many like the ideal way to acquire a second language. But is it really possible?

What is Latin American Spanish?

Put simply, Latin American Spanish is the variant of the language spoken in the Americas. It is a legacy from the days when these countries were colonies of Spain. Residents of the U.S. and Canada wishing to learn Spanish would usually do well to focus on this Western Hemisphere variety. You won’t go wrong learning the pure Castilian variety as spoken in Spain, but for economy of time you might as well start with the tongue that you will encounter south of the border (referring, of course, to the U.S.-Mexican border).

Learn the Japanese Language Quickly and Easily

Learn the Japanese language on the internet without giving so much effort and time in going to the language tutorial center or special schools. You can learn best if your desire for learning is high. You can learn Japanese online much easier because you are the one who sets the rules of your study. There is no pressure because you can pick your own schedule at your most comfortable venue.

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