Advanced Spanish Conversation: Travel around the world! (conversación en español)

Today we talk about traveling and related topics all in Spanish! Listen and learn, especially when Hernan speaks as he is the native speaker.

Boost Your Foreign Language Learning Success With These Four Fantastic Techniques

Stuck in a foreign language learning rut? Want to try a couple of new techniques to help speed up your progress? Or do you simply want to try some new techniques to expand your horizons a bit? In this article, we’ll look at four techniques designed to broaden your language learning skills and aid you with better cultural understanding of both the foreign language and its related culture.

How to Double or Triple Your Foreign Language Learning Success

Learning a foreign language is a challenge no matter what approach you might take, methods you use or location you choose to aid you. There are a number of techniques which can help you to dramatically dramatically boost you foreign language learning success in a short period of time. In this article we’ll discuss some of these in more detail.

Memorize Hiragana and Katakana Instantly

Learning Japanese Kana (hiragana & katakana) is instant with the used of this technique: visual, auditory, kinesthetic. Using all methods help retain the language easier. This short article provides tips on each on of these methods.

Synergy Spanish Review – My Experience With This Online Course

Want an honest review of Synergy Spanish? Here I will tell you about my experience with the Synergy Spanish course.

ESL for Managers: Learn English the Easy Way by Using Videos

A quick and enjoyable way for busy business executives to learn better English is to use videos. You can do it at home or in your office. It is free. So why not try it today.

What Is The Direct Method For Teaching English?

Information about the direct method of teaching English. Including a brief history and advantages and disadvantages of this methodology.

Learn Chinese – Equip Yourself, Your Success

It is very hard to deny the fact that China is growing in prominence at a very fast pace. Companies from all over the world are scrambling to do business with the Chinese because it is not just a manufacturing hub but also a fast growing market for all sorts of consumer goods. If you wish to succeed in the world of business then it is very important for you to learn Chinese if you do not already know this language.

Learning English Includes Mastering Grammar

Learning English isn’t easy but it’s highly rewarding. Once an ESL learner masters grammar, punctuation, and spelling, he or she will be on the road to fluency.

9 Language Features You Need To Know

Human language is different from animal language. There are 9 features of human language which enable us to communicate and to develop language.

Is It A Good Idea To Learn Two Foreign Languages (or Even More) At The Same Time?

Every now and then we may think if is it a good idea to learn two foreign languages (or even more) at the same time and there are diverse opinions regarding this issue. Sure, you can even try learning 20 languages at once. The past documents many hyperpolyglots who claimed to know even 200 languages like John Bowring (a British translator, diplomat and politician).

Three Easy Tips for Speaking Fluent English

There are many English speaking tips that prove helpful. Here is a compilation of the most basic, yet very helpful tips that can help you speak fluent English. However, remember these tips alone cannot help you. One has to keep practising, learning, and improving. It is only with dedication and discipline that one can learn any skill, even speaking English.

International Studies – Precautions to Be Taken Before Applying

The students aspire for overseas education. This provides them with two opportunities.

The Pros of Primary Language Learning

The idea of teaching foreign languages in the UK has been a topical issue for some time. With new legislation being introduced to make it a compulsory part of the curriculum, exploring the benefits of introducing younger children to languages is more relevant than ever.

Dead Language

Dead language – it is a term that is used in linguistics to refer to languages that are not a permanent tool of communication of any now existing people. The concept of “dead languages” is contrasted, the concept of “living languages” and includes: 1) Languages have disappeared without leaving his continuation of the currently existing languages (eg languages Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Gothic, etc.); 2) Languages, is the ancient form of the now existing languages already dead and changing others (for example, the Anglo-Saxon language in relation to English, the ancient Greek to the modern Greek, and more…

What High School or College Classes Have You Found to Be the Most Useful?

Reflecting back, it’s easy to determine what classes you had in previous years which now stand you in good stead. These include language classes which may have started in the university, high school, middle school or even earlier. This thought-provoking piece explores one person’s journey through languages and other subjects while growing up.

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