Advanced Spanish Course – Lesson 1
ProSpanish teaches you how to put language together to communicate in everyday Spanish situations. The focus is on structures which can be manipulated and used in multiple contexts, as opposed to vocabulary themes which are of limited use. Our approach has proved so effective because it avoids abstract grammar explanations and employs a variety of techniques which always lead to rapid progress. Learn Spanish with the essential building blocks.

Document Translation – An Asset For Global Businesses

With the world going global, the demand for accurate translation is on the rise. The number of service providers is also increasing. The variety of services provided by them includes multiple language translation to and from a number of languages.

The Science Which Makes Translation An Art

Translation is described as interpreting the meaning of a text, known as source text, to create another text, in another language, while still retaining the same meaning. Therefore, translation is basically the transmission of information from one language to another.

The Relationship Between Globalization And Translation Services

Globalization is the reason why the world is becoming a much smaller place. The increase in the interactions between people groups and cultures is reducing the differences between them. Due to this, many businessmen are beginning to show a growing interest in many foreign markets, as a place where they can expand their services.

How To Choose The Best Translation Services For Your Work?

With the global market expanding, due to increased interactions between countries, the world is becoming a smaller place. With the necessity to supply to foreign markets, translation services are becoming a highly needed tool for businesses everywhere. To be able to connect to these markets abroad it is important that you are able to put across your thoughts in a language that they will understand.

Translation Errors to Be Avoided

Most people with multi-language skills will come to find that, though they are capable of speaking many languages, when it comes to translation a whole new set of challenges crop up. Unless the translator is a native speaker of the language, it is rarely possible that he will be able to grasp all the nuances of the language that he is translating the content into.

Points to Remember While Looking For A Patent Translator

Patent translation is quite challenging, as it requires a whole lot of skills in the translator. Therefore, it is necessary to go through a lot of prospective translators before finally deciding on one, who can provide the services you need. Also, there are a lot of professionals, such as patent attorneys, agents, patent translation services and patent translation vendors, who provide translation services. So, deciding on one can be quite a daunting task.

Translation Services – Is There Really A Need For Them?

A person looking in from the outskirts of the translation industry may often wonder about the necessity of translation services. With English becoming an international language, most of the world’s correspondence takes place in English. However, there is still a large percentage of the population that corresponds in their native language.

Scope of Translation Services in Different Industries

Translation has always played an important role in the functioning of various companies and organizations by providing a smooth and hassle free mode of communication. Companies that are active throughout different countries also require these services for translating important documents, such as legal records, manuals and glossaries.

How to Keep Customers Happy With Your Translation Quality?

One must realize that in every business, the emphasis is mainly on customer satisfaction. The happier the customer is with the quality of work you offer, the more he will prefer to use you for future assignments or he may even refer you to his associates for other works.

Agency or Individual – Which Is the Best Way to Translate?

With translation becoming a needed service in the world today, it is becoming quite important as an industry. The job opportunities for translators are increasing in number and the possibilities are endless. The internet has made communication between people from different places easier and has led to the rise of internet based companies and services.

A Guide to Technical Translation

The rapid growth of the technical translation industry is proof to the growing necessity seen by businessmen around the world. This is opening up many job opportunities for professional translators. However, just like any other industry, this work also requires a specific skill set and also technical know-how regarding the topic.

Translating E-Books – Sharing Ideas With The Whole World

Not too long ago writing and getting a book published in different languages was not an easy task. However, as the internet has helped us in so many ways, it is also responsible for the access to a large amount of translation facilities available to us now. E-Books are the new rage in the world today and it is leading to the ideas of a lot of people being available for public consumption.

How To Do A Good Technical Translation

Technical translation is an important requirement for any business to be successful in overseas trading. Most companies have a large amount of written material, describing all the aspects of their operations and services. Upon entering the foreign market, it becomes necessary for the material to be translated into the target language, including important documents, such as guides, help files, contracts and technical drawings.

ESL For Managers: How to Find a Good Teacher of Business English

As an international business executive, you need to learn English well and quickly. A key element is finding a good teacher. Learn how to identify an excellent Business English instructor.

Should Foreign Language Learners Be Allowed to Use Cheat Sheets During an Exam?

What language teacher, or indeed, teachers of virtually any subject, have not faced the heartache of their learners cheating during an exam? We’ve all stuggled with ways to cope with this occurrance. One way to radically aleviate the problem is to allow your learners to cheat! What? Read more on this concept in this series of articles.

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