ALL the Basics You Need to Master Spanish #4

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In this video, we will teach you 5 spanish lessons that will help you master the language if you’re an absolute beginner. This is THE place to start if you want to learn Spanish, and improve both your listening and speaking skills.

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Preparing for the Spanish CLEP Exam? How Can an Online Spanish Course Help You?

Are you planning to take the CLEP test? Searching for the right sources for CLEP preparation? If so, opt for an online Spanish CLEP preparation course, a short and easy way to ace the test besides being a focused and result-oriented method of preparation.

Classes For English As A Second Language

When it comes to the united States, we have every single country represented in terms of immigrants. Eventually every single one of them will need English.

Learn How to Speak English – Commonly Misused Words and Phrases

Are you taking up ESL or EFL and reviewing for your TOEFL or TOEIC exams? Still think you are not ready to take your English test because you are not confident enough? You should not really be scared or nervous about it; stress will not help you learn anything, most especially if you are trying to learn English as a second language or English as a foreign language.

Why Learn Spanish? 3 Advantages in Learning Spanish for Kids

Spanish education can be a beneficial language trait that many children can learn. Learning Spanish as a foreign language can promote more than language improvement and critical thinking. It can provide a realm of cultural knowledge, which can widen the awareness of children about diverse cultures.

Rosetta Stone for Kids: Is It a Good Way for Them to Learn a Language?

Rosetta Stone is a popular way for people to learn a new language. It is used mainly by adults but there are a lot of people who think that it could be a good way to teach children a new language. There is some merit to this point of view but ultimately it is probably not the best option for teaching children.

Rosetta Stone: Is It the Best Way to Learn a Language?

There are few language training programs that advertises as heavily as Rosetta Stone. They make a lot of claims about how they can help you to learn a foreign language in a very short time. They give the impression that their training program is the best way to learn. This does raise the question of whether or not this is true. Is it really the best way to learn a new language?

Learning English Through Holographic Immersion – Let’s Fire the English Language Teachers!

Not long ago, I was speaking with an English Teacher who specialized in teaching to foreigners. It’s a lot different teaching English as a foreign language than teaching it to US citizens who are continually immersed in an English speaking culture and learning it as the native language. But what if we could take teaching English as a foreign language and immerse the students into the US without them having to travel here to do it?

Spanish’s Verbs Ser And Estar In The Past Tense

Sometimes students have problems with the Spanish verbs SER and ESTAR, and when they are starting to understand the concept, another problem arrives: SER and ESTAR in the Past tense. This is because in the paste tense we have to choose not only if we should use Ser or Estar, but also if we should use Imperfect Tense or Preterit Tense.

Spanish Lesson Covering the Names of Different Stores and Shops in Spanish

In today’s Spanish lesson, you will learn Spanish vocabulary for the names of different stores and shops in a typical neighborhood. To get to know the names of the stores and shops, we are going to imagine a conversation between a student new in the neighborhood and his roommate.

Learn Chinese: What Billionaire Says About Learning Chinese

This past weekend during an interview with real estate billionaire, the interviewer (editor of Success magazine) asked what the few important action steps are that should be taken in order to position yourself for success within this changing global economy. The billionaire’s first answer was that everyone should learn Chinese.

Language and Primate Participation in the Global Dialogue

Over the years, I’ve been quite intrigued by the handheld devices which allow people of different languages to communicate. I’ve often thought that the United Nations had a very cool system so that everyone who spoke a different language could sit in a large auditorium with interpreters in the background relaying what was said and translating it into other languages. Imagine all the different cultures, belief systems, and languages all interacting with that sort of robust communication.

Learn How to Speak German the Easy Way

In order to learn how to speak German the easy way, you need to learn how to speak the basic German Vocabulary first. Most people forget about the basics, and they end up struggling by the time they reach the more difficult to speak sentences. German is a beautiful language that takes weeks and weeks to learn and speak fluently, but those who want to learn will be able to as long as they’re able to put effort into their learning.

Rosetta Stone for Kids: Useful for Home Schooling?

Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular language training courses on the market. While the majority of their students are adults they do also offer a program that is intended for children who are being home schooled. A lot of parents have started to use it to teach their children a second language but is it really the best way to do this.

Do You Speak Taino? 7 Indigenous Taino Words You Probably Already Know

Learn how many of these 7 Taino words you know. The Taino were the first indigenous people of the Caribbean Region which included the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Cuba, and Jamaica. There are no more full-blooded Taino today and their language is considered extinct, although it lives on in the language of other cultures.

Rosetta Stone: How Much Will You Learn?

Rosetta Stone is one of the more popular language training programs on the market. This is largely because it is so heavily advertised that most people are familiar with it. One concern that a lot of people have is that they are not sure of how much they will learn if they use the program. Given its high cost people would like to know this before they buy.

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