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In this video, we will teach you 5 spanish lessons that will help you master the language if you’re an absolute beginner. This is THE place to start if you want to learn Spanish, and improve both your listening and speaking skills.

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Translation Services As a Career Path

As someone who is looking into career choices during this time of hardship, you will want to ensure that you are going into the right field for you. However, if you’re taking the time to look up translation services as your path of choice, you will find that you aren’t going to see another field quite like translation, especially if you are looking to learn something new every day.

Languages and Software Localisation

Just like anyone else, you’ll find a need to purchase software at some point or another. But, when picking it up, you likely won’t have a second thought as to why it is in your language. However, if you want to become a software localization technician, you will likely want to know exactly why this happens. Well, that is because people like you are making it happen!

Broadcast Transcription and Why They Do It

You probably already know, there are hundreds of reasons why a company would want to keep their shows on hand. This is especially true for television broadcasts such as the news. While you may not think of this process as you are sitting down getting your daily weather or the local sports scores, this is one of the steps that your news or other broadcasted television shows go through before or during airing.

Spanish Learning Methods: 5 Ways for You to Learn the Spanish Language

You’ve chosen to learn Spanish. That’s great! But now the hard part–how to go about learning it? Which Spanish language learning method is best for you? This article is going to count down the top 5 Spanish language learning methods and give advice in regards to which method is best for you.

Spanish Audio Courses: 2 Things to Look for in Audio-Based Spanish Learning Software

The audio component is the most important part of any online or software-based Spanish learning program. Some programs are 100% audio. Others include a wide range of additional learning activities, like Spanish verb conjugation games, vocabulary games, cultural lessons, and reading and writing lessons. This article is going to tell you how to evaluate both 100% audio courses and the audio components of more in-depth Spanish learning software programs.

Learning Chinese Trends and Developments

A quick question! Which language has more new learners than any other? When you think about it, it is no surprise that more and more people are learning Chinese these days.

Challenges With Learning Korean

Learning Korean must be approached a little differently to most second languages. That is not to say that learning Korean is beyond reach or extremely difficult. However, if you approach it as if you were trying to master Spanish or French then you will fail!

Why Take Spanish Classes When You Can Learn Spanish Online?

The Internet provides more than simple textual or verbal information content; it offers rich, interactive experiences. It gives you both the ability to be involved in recorded and real-time media. It allows you to interact with others who have more knowledge about topics than you do. For example, everything you need to make the Internet your personal Spanish tutor is already out there waiting for you.

Useful Spanish Words To Know

Today, I want to talk about some useful Spanish words to know. The first two are Spanish verbs that seem to give English speakers trouble. I am telling you about these verbs so that you don’t make common mistakes when using these verbs.

Advice For Learning The German Language

If you are thinking about learning German, perhaps these useful tips will help. Learning any new language is a process, but if you are sensible and comprehensive in your approach you obviously have more chance of success!

Do Voice Recognition Tools For Learning Spanish Help?

A recent trend which is emerging with learning Spanish software is voice recognition. These voice recognition tools are designed to help you with pronunciation. They allow you to repeat the word and then attempt to grade or evaluate your pronunciation. But do they add value?

Learning French Most Effectively And Quickly

When you decide upon learning French one of the most important decisions you will make relates to the approach you are going to use. There is no one size fits all solution and the truth is that different approaches work for different people! Of course, the other startling truth is that most people do not succeed!

Yoda and Japanese Word Order

Japanese word order can be a bit of a marvel to Westerners; is it true? Does Yoda speak like the Japanese?

Learning a Foreign Language – It’s Really Easy Thanks To the Internet

Have you always had the dream of learning a foreign language? There are many reasons why you might want to learn a language from another country. One of the main reasons why people try to pick up languages from another country is because they wish to pursue business opportunities in that place.

Teach Kids Spanish at Home With Fun Spanish Immersion Games – Even If You Don’t Speak Spanish!

Do you want your children to speak a foreign language? Games are a fun way to reinforce a new language in a way that is fun to practice, and where the words are used in context so they stick. Here are 2 games you can use to teach Spanish at home – even if you don’t speak Spanish yourself!

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