All the Different Spanish Dialects within Mexico

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In this video lesson, we will teach you the difference between the different spanish dialects in Mexico. This is the best place to start learning the Spanish language!

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The IELTS Exam And The Importance of Paraphrasing

  In the IELTS exam there are various sub-skills which help you perform well, and one of them is paraphrasing. It is a very vital skill that will catapult you to success in each of the four major tasks. Paraphrasing is a way of expressing a unit of spoken or written thought in different words.

3 Tips for Learning to Conjugate Verbs in Spanish

It is said (and often by me to my students) that “Spanish is all about verbs” but that does not mean it is difficult to learn how to conjugate them. I have been teaching Spanish as a private online tutor, both online and face to face, for many years. Here are three quick tips for learning how best to tackle verbs and different tenses.

Pronouns in Spanish – Spanish Grammar Lesson

In this Spanish grammar lesson, we are going to take a look at pronouns in Spanish; a subject that usually is very difficult for students. We are going to start with the Direct Object and then we are going to learn the Indirect Object and replace both of them in a phrase. The Direct Object pronouns are the “what” in a sentence and they can be an object or a person.

Spanish Subjunctive With Preferences And Emotions

Let’s take a look how to use the subjunctive in Spanish with preferences and emotions. In this instance, we convey a thought or emotion or preference based on an action performed by another person or thing.

Learn New Language So You Too Can Enjoy Foreign Books, Movies And Travel

Learning a new language has a lot of benefits. But did you know it can add to your enjoyment level as well?

How to Become Fluent in French – 6 Reasons Why You Should Chat With Native Speakers Often

When learning French, students are often told that they should talk with native speakers. This article provides 6 reasons why chatting with native speakers is so important.

Do Words Matter? Is Grammar Obsolete?

Spelling and syntax are unimportant according to progressive educators. Expressing oneself overshadows the beauty of language construction. Words, however, seem to have little meaning or consequence these days.

I Am Failing Spanish – 4 Tips to Help You Improve Your Grade!

If you are failing Spanish, you need to identify the reasons why. Here are four tips that you can use starting today to improve your grade.

Tips to Improve Your Spanish

In these times of never-ending data, the important thing is not only being able to find new information; but finding the right knowledge according to the goals you are currently pursuing. This short article will talk about some tips that will be useful as you learn Spanish for beginners online while having fun along the way.

Understanding the Basics of Technical Translation

Technical Translation is a specialized form of translation which involves the translation of documents produced by technical writers (professionals who design, create and maintain technical documentation such as user guides and owners manuals). This type of translation relates, more specifically, either to texts which relate to technological subject areas or to texts concerning the practical application of technological and scientific information. Technical translation requires a high level of skill, knowledge of the subject and mastery of writing conventions and relevant terminology in order for the highly specialized texts to be translated.

How to Improve Spanish Listening – 4 Ways I Did It!

I had serious challenges when it came to understanding Spanish native speakers. Here are 4 tips I used to improve my Spanish listening skills.

What Is Rocket Spanish and Why Is It Cheaper Than Other Spanish Software Programs?

Rocket Spanish is a language software program that has been designed to teach individuals who have no previous background with the Spanish language. This Spanish software program starts its’ students out with the most basic material and allows those students to progress at their own pace. When reading other articles and reviews for Rocket Spanish, you are going to read a lot of information that says this program will allow you to become fluent in Spanish. That’s not going to happen if you do not take what you learn out into the real world and apply towards actual conversations with people.

How to Learn a New Language – 4 Basic Tips to Learn Any Language

It’s easy to learn to speak a foreign language when you know exactly how to do it. Here are four tips that I used to learn French and Spanish. These simple tips can be used to learn any language.

Listening Test for IELTS

The listening test for IELTS comprises four sections to be completed in 30 minutes with 10 minutes transfer time (40 minutes in total). The recording which the candidates will get their answers from will be played only once. In other words, there is no room for mistakes in this task, for even the spelling should be correct. So, how do you accurately provide the required sets of answers from a one-time recording you listen to? There are two main points to be familiar with before anything else: the features of oral English and how English words are put together in different ways (paraphrasing and key words).

I Want to Be Fluent in Spanish – 5 Quick Tips to Connect to the Language

Here are 5 tips you can use to help you learn to speak Spanish more fluently even if you are in an English-speaking environment right now. These are tips that I devised to help me to learn to speak Spanish fluently.

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