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English Pronunciation – The Secret to Learning 16 Sounds in Under 2 Minutes

Would you like to know a quick and easy way to master English pronunciation? What if you could learn 16 sounds in just under 2 minutes? Of course, you will still have to practice to master them, but I’m going to give you the secret of how it’s done.

Learning to Read With Letters and Sounds

Phonics is the basis of learning the English language. Starting with the alphabet a student of the language learns to connect the letters with specific sounds. This proves a challenge for some people as certain combination’s of letters and sounds may look alike but sound differently.

The Secret to Learning Languages

Having learned to speak 6 languages, you might think this came easily due to growing up with a mother whose mother tongue is French and a father whose mother tongue is Italian. It might come as a surprise to hear that they did not teach me those languages.

How to Quickly Advance Your Spanish and Impress Friends With Rocket Spanish

Why some Spanish language courses fall short of giving confidence to actually speak Spanish, while other programs like Rocket Spanish make it easy to converse in Spanish right from the first lessons? What to expect when learning with Rocket Spanish program.

TOEFL Tests – What is in the Test and How is it Scored?

The ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’, or (TOEFL) was designed to assess an individual’s understanding and use of English in an academic environment. Tests can be conducted in ‘paper-based-tests’ (pBT) or ‘internet-based-tests’ (iBT). For those of you wondering how a TOEFL score is calculated, this article provides a brief overview of the key-components used in assessing scores.

Why You Should Study Spanish Abroad

Discover why you should learn Spanish abroad. You may have been put off learning Spanish by your experiences of boring lessons at school, and attempting to learn pronunciation from textbooks. Find out the benefits of learning Spanish abroad and how it can have you speaking like a native in no time!

Australian College Life – Crash Course in Aussie-Speak

You naturally want to fit in to the culture, but don’t try too hard to pass yourself off as a local. Australians are famous for their friendliness, but their native accent is unmistakable and you might just find yourself the brunt of a joke for sounding off with the stiff vocabulary of a dumb Dundee. Here is a quick crash course for getting into the Aussie flow while you pursue your degree in Australia.

Learn Spanish Now – Start Learning With Easy Spanish Lessons

The Internet is the greatest way to learn Spanish now. People all over the earth are taking advantage of studying other languages, helping their education along with a lot of other methods of improving themselves using the Internet.

Words For Food in Filipino

The need for food is as basic and as necessary as the need for oxygen. Everyday our bodies remind us of the need to eat. Moreover, when you neglect to feed your body, hunger pangs tell you that you need to eat.

Sign Language For Children

Learning American Sign Language can have many benefits. Besides being able to communicate more effectively with your deaf friends, once learned, you may decide to become a teacher for the deaf or interpret for those who cannot hear. The earlier you start to learn ASL the greater the chance of mastery. Exposure at an early age is also extremely beneficial, but not critical.

Learn Conversational Spanish – Key Cool Phrases

Stepping out of the typical Spanish taught in conventional Spanish courses is something most students of Spanish are keen to perform as quickly as they can. We’re going to make it easier to learn conversational Spanish by bringing a realistic classy finesse to your Spanish toolkit with these brilliant Spanish phrases to help you leave a favorable impression with the locals without a doubt.

Free Teaching Resources – Learn a Foreign Language by Yourself

A common example to learn a foreign language is to do by yourself, and you may be surprised how many people have done this, with the help of free teaching resources. You can learn the basics of a foreign language from free teaching resources on the internet.

Websites Offering Free Teacher Resources For Language Teachers

The learning of new languages is important for people with many language skills will find it easy to communicate with people from many cultures. This is especially important when traveling to new countries where getting directions or buying goods and services may require knowing a certain language.

A Simple Guide to Learn to Read Chinese Easily

Learn to read Chinese would be a nightmare to many people. But, with a guide you will find it’s actually easy to learn. Read this guide to learn how.

The Need to Involve Their Students in Academic Issues

Many teachers stressed the need to involve their students in academic issues analyzing the social and political nature of language. In their work with African American students, they explored their “switch” to standard English for particular written tasks and discussed with them the implications of appropriating a standard variety for certain audiences and purposes-for example, how using standard English did not necessarily imply adopting White values.

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