Day 20: 200/300 | Learn 300 Spanish Words in 30 Days Challenge

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With this series, we will teach you the core 300 Spanish words that you must know if you’re a an absolute beginner.
With each new episodes in this series, we’ll include a review section so you remember everything you’ve learnt.
So after you’ve learned the new words and phrases, stick around and review what you learned in previous lessons. Reviewing is one of the most important parts of learning a language!
This is THE place to start if you want to learn Spanish, and improve both your listening and speaking skills.

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Importance of Feedback in Language Learning

How important is it to receive feedback in your language learning? In my experience, it’s irrelevant – if you don’t care about developing your language skills in a timely, efficient and effective manner, that is.

Time to Start Speaking A New Language

New language learners, inevitably, always ask, “When will I be ready to speak in the new vernacular?” Different teachers and learners have varying answers for this. Some say a month; others insist around three months; and, still, others argue it’s much longer.

Improving Vocabulary Retention Without Techniques

How do you improve your ability to memorize words and phrases from a new language? By using strategies and techniques, of course. Barring the employment of any special system, though, are there any things you can do to actually help with vocabulary retention?

Dropping Your Thick Accent When Speaking English

Many ESL speakers never bother improving their accent. While I’ve met tons of people who picked up perfect-sounding English over long periods of repeated use, I’ve also come across a lot who speak with the same thick, uncomfortable accent even after many years of working with language software and classes.

Ways of Acqiring a New Language

In order to fully acquire a foreign language, it is sometimes crucial to learn to forget your own, even temporarily. That’s because until you actually let go of your native tongue, you’ll continue to think in it, translate words using it and keep using it as an automatic filter for any new construct you pick up.

Tips in Learning The French Language

Learning French has probably graced the to-do lists of many starry-eyed young people, swayed by the romantic nature of the vernacular, along with the whole glamor associated with the locale. Eventually, some of us actually get thrust in situations that force us to learn the language (such as a trip to France or a vacation in Quebec), while others faithfully take to it to fulfill their long-drawn laundry list of things to accomplish in their lives.

Looking Forward to Language Learning Skills

New to learning a language? Here’s a brief guide to what skills you will look to develop during the process, as well as specific techniques, beyond lessons and language software, that can help you get there.

Learning an Appropriate Language Use

Appropriate is such a loaded word. What’s fitting for one person, after all, may not be so suited for another. However, in almost every country in the world, there are ways to use the language in a proper and more socially acceptable manner. The only problem is how to learn that.

Ways on Memorizing Vocabulary

How do you memorize vocabulary? Do you trudge through it like you memorized dates in primary school or do you take a more creative approach?

Using Email Exchanges For Language Learning

When studying a new language, learning to write in it by exchanging emails is one of my favorite activities. Think about it. Finding people to practice speaking with is usually difficult, unless you live in the country. Online, however, you can get in touch with a multitude of people who use it as their primary language all the time.

Using Reading Skills in Improving Your ESL Grammar Skills

Trying to improve your English grammar skills? As a second-language learner, it’s usually very tough to approach grammar the way it’s usually handled in a classroom setting. For many ESL students, the best way to see improvements is through natural means — letting the rules governing the language’s grammar to sink in, rather than force it.

Keeping Good Flow Conversation in Foreign Language

How much facility do you need to keep conversations flowing in a foreign language? Most novice language learners think you need to have a good deal of ability before holding actual conversations with native speakers. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Handling Your Own Language Learning

One of the reasons that language learning software has become popular over the years is the fact that it allows you to manage your own education. While classes are good, they’re too rigid to accommodate everyone who signs up.

Starting As a Language Translator

Many folks who study language do so with the hopes of becoming a translator someday. Do you have the same motivation in your language learning? Is your end goal similar?

Applying Studying Language Skills

All you need to do is take one look at many practitioners of personal development to know that people don’t always get what they want. For the most part, you’ll see these individuals spending a good portion of their lives attempting to achieve a goal, yet remaining unable to get it.

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