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How Do You Prepare to Do Listening Practice?

This article will describe simple steps to prepare for listening practice to make it far more effective than it is for most students now. The steps may seem obvious, but most students do not do them. Read how to improve your listening practice with simple steps!

What Is Shadowing?

This article describes shadowing by reverse definition. IT describes what shadowing is not, and makes clear what shadowing is by telling what it is not. Along the way, the reader will get a good idea of how to do shadowing.

Why Should I Do Listening Practice?

Clarify why and how to do good listening practice so you can understand English much easier and feel less stress with English. Simple advice is given for easy English listening practice that anyone can do!

How Can Shadowing Help You?

This article briefly describes shadowing as a very important listening practice technique. It describes several ways that shadowing helps you to learn a language, and introduces the concept that shadowing can help train our procedural memory, which may be important to learning and using grammar.

Learning Spanish In Colombia and Tips To Stay Safe In Colombia

Today I will talk about learning Spanish in Colombia. I will also give you some tips to stay safe in Colombia. This article comes from an entry that I made in my journal in November of 2005 following my very first visit to Colombia when I visited Cali. Since then I have moved to Medellin, Colombia.

Make Your Trip to France a Memorable One

France is one of the most sought after destination in Europe and there are many amazing attractions which makes France one of the most favorite destinations in Europe. It is considered as a tourist paradise due to it unique landscape which consists of high end city like Paris, beaches, snow capped Alps Mountain etc.

Tips for Learning Languages

Language is alive and learning a new one shouldn’t be restricted to dry, dreary formal classes. There are many ways to improve language skills and this article describes eight painless tips to learning a new language. When learning a foreign language, you may feel that it’s all Greek to you – even if you’re really studying Italian, French, or German. It can be overwhelming to suddenly have to pronounce familiar letters a different way, alter the accents in your words and think in foreign conjugations. These eight tips will help to make learning a new language a piece of cake.

Study Chinese

Generally there are at least two branches in any language for people to choose to learn? The first one is speaking, the second writing. To the two aspects, we should take different methods to learn.

A Strategy for Learning Languages on Holiday

It is not absolutely essential that you learn languages when on all inclusive vacation packages. However it will make your life easier. Of course not everyone is talented in languages. There are some people who find it very difficult to grasp the rudiments of a language even where they have been learning it for a significant period of time.

How To Learn Spanish In 5 Minutes Or Less With Thousands of New Spanish Words

In this article I will give you a tip or technique to learn Spanish in 5 minutes or less and add thousands of new Spanish words and phrases to your vocabulary. I have an interesting story to share with you that will help us accomplish the goals of today’s lesson.

Spanish’s Future of Probability And The Future Tense In Spanish

One of the most difficult topics for me when learning Spanish grammar was Spanish’s future of probability and the future tense in Spanish. The “future of probability” is one of those topics that if you try to do a literal translation in English it will not make any sense.

How To Make Requests In Spanish and Alternative Ways to Give Commands

In this Spanish lesson for today we will learn three alternative ways of how to give commands or how to make requests in the Spanish language. But let’s first look at a common mistake that English speakers make when making requests in Spanish. In English, we have a tendency to sometimes give commands or make a request by using the future tense phrased as a question…

How Do You Say In The Morning In Spanish – 3 Different Ways

In this lesson you will learn three different ways how to say in the morning in Spanish. Although I have a personal assistant who checks my emails, whenever I get a chance I personally read some of the incoming mails, just to see how we can better serve our customers. Yesterday, there was one email from a customer that I would like to share with you on the topic of how to say in the morning in Spanish.

How to Start Speaking With an American Accent

Are you looking for some tips on how to start speaking with an American accent? Do you want to improve your accent? If so, keep reading, because you are in the right place. In this article I’m going to help you achieve your goal! Here are three tips that will greatly help you start speaking with an American accent.

Steps to Learn a New Language Quickly

Do you want to learn a new language quickly? If so – you are in the right place. Here are three steps to learn a new language quickly. Before we start, there’s one thing that you need to know: “quickly” doesn’t mean that you’ll become a fluent speaker after a few weeks. Okay, here are the steps!

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