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Oh, the Drama of Teaching French – Part 1

Teaching French can be challenging when students are reticent about participating orally in class. How can we encourage those who are too shy or just unwilling to take part and begin speaking French?

Learn Chinese Language Tones – Learn How to Make Your Synapses Chinese!

Do you struggle with Chinese tones? If so, you do need to know the answers to the following questions: 1) Which parts of the brain help you to understand speech? 2) Is there any difference if you hear English or Chinese language? 3) How should this affect your learning of the Chinese language?

Top Reasons to Join a Foreign Language School in Global Recession

If you are one of the students or the job seekers, who is affected by the current layoff, then you may find that it is an interesting opportunity to learn a new language in an overseas location. You now have the time to improve your cognitive skills.

Principles of Learning How to Speak Spanish

Envision yourself learning how to speak Spanish in a fun, fast, and effective manner. If you are serious about learning Spanish, you are going to need a plan. Even if you only intent to learn enough common Spanish phrases in order to get by when you go on your Mexican vacation, you will need a way to study what those phrases are. Let’s discuss though, a plan for building fluency in the Spanish language.

Want to Learn French? What’s in a Big Brand Learn French Language Software Name Anyway?

Don’t be fooled by the advertising campaigns of some of the big Learn French Language Software companies. Bigger advertising budgets do not always translate into a better product!

Why Learning a Foreign Language Can Make a Difference in Your Life

As a specialist in language teaching and learning as well as midlife development, I am a firm believer in learning foreign languages. And I practice what I preach. I learned French because I live in Montreal and I been learning Spanish for several years now since my wife is from Colombia.

Is Learning Spanish Beneficial?

In most areas of the United States, Hispanic and native Spanish speaking populations are growing. In some areas, this is the fastest growing minority group or concentration of immigrants. As a result, more and more people are coming into daily contact with people whose first or native language is Spanish. In some cases, new Mexican or South American immigrants don’t understand or speak much English at all.

The Way to Learn Chinese in China

For business men right now, speaking Chinese can be a successful career tool to have. The Chinese language is becoming just as critical to speak as is English, even Spanish. Children today are being tendered Chinese language with the ideology that it will be necessary in tomorrow’s world.

Learning Spanish Effectively

Busy professionals know the power of being able to converse with a client or customer in their own language; the benefits of having the capacity to do this can have an incredible impact on an organisation’s reputation or bottom-line profits. How can the rest of us develop the kinds of skills that will make us bold enough to strike up conversations in another language?

An Ideal Way to Learn Spanish

It is said that when you listen to something new you are able to understand and retain it in your memory better than when you use your eyes to process it. Based on this fact, nowadays you do not need to physically attend classes in school if you want to learn a new language. There are scores of online Spanish Lessons which can be a fun and interesting way to learn this language from the comfort of your own home.

Take Advantage of Spanish Learning Software – It Will Make Learning Fun!

Unlock the amazing capabilities of Spanish learning software when you choose to study the language using your computer. We’ll discuss the key ingredients of language software and why using a software program to study Spanish is a great choice.

What is the Fastest Way to Learn Spanish?

Do you want to learn Spanish amidst your busy schedule? We will help you look for the fastest way to learn Spanish.

How I Used Reading-Aloud to Motivate Struggling English Language Learners

Curriculum, materials, methods, and relationships determine the conditions of learning. Of these four, relationships are the most important for the success and progress of the at-risk and struggling reader and can be especially beneficial when it comes to read-alouds. As with particularly engaging read-alouds I’ve read with students before, I did not hide my excitement over the pictures and simple text of the easy reader.

German Translation Exam Challenges – Translating the Basic German Sentence Pattern and Variations

Do you have to learn to translate from German into English in a hurry? Maybe your academic career depends on it. Some programs require that you pass a German translation exam. To get a head start, read on for some tips on how the German basic sentence pattern works.

Does Bilingual Education Help the Non Immigrant?

Many of the immigrants who come here bring their children for education because they want them to learn English. I have been an educator for years and the facts are there for the schools where we offer bilingual education, we are handicapping the children to never learn properly.

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