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English Pronunciation – Some Silly Tips

Do you want to improve your English Pronunciation? Here’s some advice you might not have heard before: start acting silly. That’s right: silly. It might be just what you need to help yourself reach a new level of pronunciation expertise.

Teach Me Spanish – Part Two – Alphabet and Phrases

You will find that these letters are pronounced similar to their English counterparts. However, while people learning English are sometimes left guessing as to which version of pronunciation to use, Spanish standardizes pronunciation so that each letter can only be pronounced one way.

Teach Me Spanish – How Many Times Have You Said Those Three Words?

Well, if you seriously wish to learn, you will never have to say “teach me Spanish” again. I am going to kick-start your knowledge of the basics right here, right now.

There Are Many Reasons to Learn Spanish

Around the world over 150 million people speak Spanish as a second language. There are many reasons why people choose to learn a second language. There are obvious reasons like improving your job prospects, and there are also some less common reasons to learn Spanish.

Language Learning Software – Some Great Free Online Resources to Help

Language learning software is a great way to learn a language. But there are loads of other free resources out there that can really help you to learn a language. Here are some.

Are You Considering Learning Spanish Online?

Is learning a second language one of those items on your ‘to do’ list that you never quite seem to get around to? Many people wish to take on a new language, but life just seems to always get in the way.

Is it Hard to Learn Spanish?

It’s far easier than you think to learn Spanish. There are many reasons to learn a second language. You may be planning to travel, looking for career advancement, or just be interested in learning about different cultures.

How to Learn Spanish Faster

So you’ve decided to learn Spanish. Great choice, you’ll be joining millions of speakers around the world. The problem is one weekly lesson at the local community centre isn’t going to get your lingo in shape before that holiday to South America or that in time to land that big promotion that requires a second language.

All About the Spanish Language

Are you considering learning Spanish? If you are then you will be joining over 500 million people around the world in over twenty countries who speak Spanish as well.

Teach Yourself a Language – Creating a Self-Immersion Program

Language immersion courses can be very powerful – if competently taught. If an immersion course is successful, you will achieve a quantum leap in your command of a new language. Is there a way to reproduce the immersion environments and obtain the same results…by yourself…and if you do not go abroad? I personally have done so with multiple languages, including mandarin Chinese and Hindi. I have come up with some basic practical principles and techniques to help you create a self-immersion program in the language of your choice.

Now You Can Learn Spanish Free Online

Ever wanted to learn Spanish but didn’t have the time to travel to a nearby class or didn’t have the money to travel to a foreign country? Now you can learn Spanish free online without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

You Can Learn Spanish Free Online

Looking for the easiest way to learn Spanish free online? Here are a few ways to achieve that goal in a matter of weeks.

Do You Know the Secret to Make Learning Japanese Easy?

Want to learn Japanese? Easy. Many people will likely tell you that you are crazy for thinking so though. While it is true that learning Japanese is one of the more difficult languages to learn, it doesn’t have to be impossible. If you want to learn Japanese with ease, then the right learning method makes all the difference.

Dumb Me Down, Scottie

The English language contains already a number of words originating from the German language: Blitz, Lebensraum, Zeitgeist, Schadenfreude, and Gestalt. They are all abstracts, their concepts better understood in their original coinage than the English equivalent.

Learn Japanese Words

In learning Japanese, especially for westerners whose principal familiarity is with Latin-based languages, it is best to start modestly with a few common words and phrases. If you learn some simple words and phrases to start, you can practice them and become familiar with aspects of pronunciation and word order that will make learning more of the language a great deal easier.

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