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Study Spanish

You can study Spanish with an online language course that has a unique approach to language learning. Instead of starting with learning phrases you learn all the words that are used to make phrases.

Learn Spanish Easily Using Spanish Language Games

Practice is indispensable in the process of learning Spanish. But, practicing Spanish does not always require you to bury your nose in those heavy books. If you can look out of your book for a while, there are many fun ways of learning and practicing Spanish that make learning interesting. Among them, Spanish language games are one which, when included in your learning structure, can make your learning journey interesting.

A Few Thoughts About How I Learned Japanese Characters

Although it is a somewhat rudimentary method, I learned the Japanese characters by trying to connect them to images. For example, the Hiragana “nu” looks much like two chopsticks in a bowl of noodles. NU-dles.

Online English As A Second Language Takes Off

Why do so many people want to learn English online? Firstly, it offers great flexibility which provides an option for people with busy and hectic lifestyles. They can pace the learning as per their ability and available time. It is also convenient as they can sit at home and learn whenever they have the time and it is more economical compared to regular classes.

Learning English Through Music Videos

“Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with difficulty. Magical music never leaves the memory.” (Sir Thomas Beecham) One could say that songs on video are an effective “filler” during the class and may serve to change the pace or mood of the lesson.

North American English Accent Series: Word Stress Part 2

You can have the best pronunciation in the world (that is make the sounds of North American English perfectly) and still have an accent. There are other components to a good accent. This article will deal with the stress or emphasis that is put on different parts of the word in spoken English. There is a natural stress in English words which was covered in a the article “Word Stress Part One” This article will deal with three other types of stress: stress to emphasize, stress to contrast, stress to provide new information. The article give examples and practice to emphasize the key role of stress in the North American English accent.

Learn Foreign Languages And Enjoy The Many Benefits That Follow

Learning foreign languages has many benefits. Learn what they are and find out the best way to get started.

How to Judge the Quality of a Language Learning Software

We all know that learning a language is a great way to enhance the look of your resume! Fortunately, there are lots of different options available to you to help you make that a reality. Out of vast number of options available to you, the option that provides you with the most flexibility, and probably the highest quality of learning is the option to use a language learning software.

What It Means to Be a Nationally Certified Interpreter

Many businesses are told that a nationally certified interpreter will be needed to interpret a meeting or event for a deaf or hard of hearing person. This article explains how interpreters get nationally certified and why it is important.

Are Language Learning Software Programs the Best Way to Learn a New Language?

Learn about the different ways that you can go about learning a language! The most modern and best way to learn a new language is with a language learning software program.

The Origin of the Alphabet: The Letters A and H

In an earlier article, I discussed the origin of the letters B and P. This article takes an in depth look at the letters A and H and their connection to the Egyptian uniliteral called hayt.

Very Common Mistakes Gringos Make When Speaking Spanish

In this article, I will tell you about some common mistakes that Americans or Gringos make when speaking Spanish. It involves a funny incident that ok place this morning. I want to share this story with you because it illustrates two very common mistakes that English speakers make when speaking Spanish.

Learn American Sign Language More Quickly Than Ever!

It is not hard to learn American sign language. Learning to communicate with the hearing impaired can be an enriching and enlightening experience. There are varied kinds of sign language to learn and choose from. Because American Sign Language is the type used in the United States, Mexico and Canada, it has also been embraced throughout the world, as more countries become fluent in English.

Learn Spanish With Subliminal MP3s

Learning a new language can be a daunting idea. We would all like to be multilingual but it can be difficult to learn and educate ourselves. Spanish is a widely used language, across both Europe and South America.

9 Spanish Words Any Woman Learning Spanish Should Know

In this article, I have 9 Spanish words to teach you that are for women only. Actually, these 9 Spanish words can be useful for men as well, especially men who have a Spanish speaking “esposa” (wife) or “novia” (girlfriend).

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