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How to Learn Cantonese Easily

What I love about Chinese language is that it comes in two varieties – Cantonese and Mandarin- and like food, is the mark of cultural distinction. This has never been more the case of Chinese language – and there has been a great site that i have discovered recently a website that allows has lots of little podcast soundbites that you just click on and by reading the pronunciation…

A False Start or Real Hope? American Pronunciation in Everyday Life

You’ve been practicing your American pronunciation and thought you were making good progress. But sometimes it doesn’t go as well as you planned. Here are some common reasons why your speech may not sound as clear, and what to do about it.

Learning Spanish Online: Steps to Finding a Course – Quickly Becoming Fluent in the Spanish Language

If you’re looking for the easiest way to learn Spanish, then you’ve come to the right place. You probably already know that learning Spanish online is going to make you an even more valuable potential employee; whether you want to work as a writer, in customer service or even as a translator. But regardless of what your reason is for learning Spanish, what some people don’t realize is that they are sabotaging their efforts by paying for Spanish classes, tutoring or just by choosing the wrong online Spanish lessons.

How Do the Spanish Language and Culture in Spain and Those in Latin America Differ?

Comparing the Spanish language and culture in Spain and the Spanish language and culture in Latin America is like comparing British English and American English. The differences of the languages in the two regions are not that extreme. In fact, Spaniards can understand the language spoken in Latin American soap operas, and Latin Americans can understand the language used in movies from Spain as well. However, there are still several differences between the two.

Spanish Dialects in Buenos Aires

Wherever you learn Spanish, you will find that the locals speak with their own particular accent and local vocabulary. If you learn Spanish in Argentina–especially Buenos Aires–you will hear plenty of people speaking…

Study Spanish Abroad – Is Spain a Good Choice?

Discover the reasons why Spain is considered one of the best destinations for any study Spanish abroad course. And it’s not only because Spain is the cradle of the Spanish language…

Second Language Learning: Vocabulary and Grammar Tips To Become Fluent

Learning a second language has many advantages. This article covers the best ways to learn your second language by mastering its grammar, vocabulary, and other concepts.

How I Started Learning Chinese Characters?

I was about 10 years when I met my best friend who was Chinese. He introduced me the Chinese language and culture. My interest grew so much that I started studying on my own. I found some great books and finally a great teacher, Professor George Young. My life changed as my knowledge of Chinese grew.

What Is ESL and Why Is It Important?

What is ESL? ESL is also known as “English as a Second Language”; the use of this term is often confused with EFL or “English as a Foreign Language”. In fact, ESL is used a lot in online searches in countries where they should be searching for EFL.

Learning a Foreign Language in 24 Hours

The purpose of this article is to examine whether it is possible to learn a foreign language in just 24 hours. The premise is that with enough time between lessons to allow learning to take place, an individual can become proficient in a new language quickly and comfortably.

Useful Japanese Resources

This article provides useful resources to learn Japanese. It explores vocabulary, grammar, culture, and writing tools to make learning Japanese easier.

Learning Chinese: Speaking Versus Writing

How did I start learning Chinese? I started learning Chinese so I could speak to my friend’s mother who couldn’t speak English. I quickly realized that knowing Chinese characters had important advantages. It’s great to be able to speak Chinese but what happens when someone doesn’t understand you?

Faux Amis

One of my earliest memories in French was when we started learning vocabulary for the parts of the body, and came across the word le bras. The teacher, used to the effect of this word had on adolescents, said wisely, “All right, have a good laugh about le bras” which we duly did.

Acronyms in English Education

Acronyms are rather ubiquitous in English language teaching and can be confusing for those not familiar with them. This article explains the various acronyms that are found on both the learning and teaching side of English.

Rosetta Stone: What Makes It So Effective?

One of the most effective ways to learn a new language is with Rosetta Stone. This raises the question of what makes them different from other language programs, and why is their program so effective? There are several reasons for this but ultimately it comes down to the fact that the program teaches in the way that we learn best and it is very focused. The result is that you can pick up the basics in a remarkably short time.

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