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How to Make Spanish Flash Cards

Making Spanish flash cards for your Spanish exam will help you a lot. It can help you memorize all those verbs, adjectives and words that seem to a little bit overwhelming at first. Making your own Spanish flash cards will make reviewing for your exam a little easier than reviewing without them.

Accent Reduction Classes

There are lots of people who speak English with foreign accent. These people usually take up English as their second language.

Learn the Spanish Language the Easy Way

It is definitely an advantage to know a foreign language. If you have been thinking of picking up a new language then consider learning Spanish. Do you live in North America?

Learn English Pronunciation

There are lots of people who have problems with English pronunciation. This is usually true for the foreigners.

When To Use the Spanish Preterit Tense – Online Spanish Grammar Lesson

I am writing this article right away on the topic of when to use the Spanish preterit tense while an incident that took place tonight is still fresh in my mind. Tonight, I heard a non-native Spanish speaker (Gringo) make a MAJOR mistake in Spanish that concerns when to use the preterit tense in the Spanish language. It is a very common mistake that many native English speakers make so I wanted to bring this to your attention while it is still fresh on my mind.

When to Use the Spanish Present Tense and Master Spanish Verb Tenses

Let’s discuss when to use the Spanish present tense. In order for you to master Spanish verbs and learn when to use the present tense in the Spanish language, I should tell you about a mistake that it is a VERY common mistake for us (native English speakers) to make when speaking Spanish because we have a tendency to “think” in English.

Translation Service: Finding the Right One

A complete translation service does not refer to translating the website or the project from one language into just another language but refers to translating into multiple languages so that the business or the project is available to people hailing from multi-lingual backgrounds. There are quite a number of things to consider when you choose a translation company for your business.

Translation Services: To Overcome Linguistic Barriers

When businesses are going global, language becomes a hurdle at one point of time or the other. And linguistic barriers are found to be most irksome ones as communication becomes really difficult. It is at this juncture that translations services come to the fore and one could ease the difficulty in understanding a foreign language by hiring professionals in translation jobs.

How to Learn The Past Tense in Spanish – Learning The Spanish Preterit Tense

If you want to learn the past tense in Spanish or if you want to learn the Spanish preterit tense, this is a lesson that you must read. The Past Tense that is called…

The Easy Way To Learn Spanish Fast

If you want an easy way to learn Spanish, here are some tips to help you quickly acquire a basic conversational foundation. You shouldn’t worry about committing errors as you speak. If you desire to speak Spanish you will need to conquer any fears of speaking out loud.

3 Mistakes to Avoid While Learning a Foreign Language

There are many mistakes to avoid while learning a foreign language. Learning a new language doesn’t have to be hard – if you know the right methods and avoid these mistakes, you can learn it even in a year or so. What are these mistakes? Here are three of them!

The Truth About Language Courses

Many people believe that language courses will make them fluent speakers. Is it true? Are language courses really that good? Well, it’s only partly true. Do you want to get to know the truth about language courses? If so, read on.

How to Do Listening Practice

This article starts to explore how to do listening practice. It considers the modern technology like computers and MP3 players as essential tools. Then follows a description of how to do intensive listening practice.

How ESL Students Can Improve Their Spoken English

Let’s talk about reducing your native accent. Is it possible to reduce or neutralize it? It depends on you. Here are some recommendations to help you get started.

How to Practice Speaking Spanish?

If you are looking for some tips on how to practice speaking Spanish, you are in the right place! I’m going to show you three ideas that you can use to improve your speaking skills. Here they are!

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