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Translating and Interpreting

Although translating and interpreting may seem like the same thing, they are in fact two different disciplines that require different skills for each. Translators need to have a good grasp of the words and the various meanings that they have in order to be able to translate their text from the native language to the target language while still keeping the intended meanings.

German Grammar Online – The Good, Bad and Ugly

German grammar is much the same as English grammar. Here are some must know online German grammar points that will make your understanding more solid.

German Adjective Endings: A 5-Minute Crash Course for Beginners!

One of the most complex aspects of German grammar for English speakers to understand is that words change their endings depending on their role in the sentence. For German adjectives, there are 48 possible combination’s! Thankfully, not all endings are different, and there are some easy ways to make sense of this. In this article, we cut through the chaos to give you a clear overview of German adjectives.

Teaching English to Japanese Students

As said, a native’s knowledge of the English language is an automatic passport to employment anywhere. Many people may deny and regard it as rumor, but in Asia, such as Korea, China, Japan, Thailand where people are eager to learn English from native English speakers, therefore, the native’ knowledge of English language become a profitable tool in these Asian countries. Many of the English tutors choose to teach overseas, but for those who are not willing to leave their hometown, teaching English online is also a nice choice. No matter which way you choose to teach, you should pay much attention to the culture and characteristics of your students in different countries. Today I would like to share some characteristics and challenges of Japanese students upon their learning of English.

Spanish Through the Arts

Spanish is one of the romantic languages with the majority of its roots stemming from Latin. There is something truly romantic about the soft whispers of some well chosen Spanish words. Since romance and Spanish is all so tied up with human emotions, would it not make sense to try to learn the language in an emotive way?

Learning Spanish With Children

Teaching Spanish to children obviously requires a different angle of approach. Laying down thick grammar and textbooks to a five year old will be less than effective. Your approach needs to be more subtle and a lot more fun.

The Best Free Ways to Learn Spanish

If you have travelled South America, then you would have realised that very few people speak English and that getting by in a country can be quite a challenge. Being able to speak the language will not only mean that you will enjoy your travels more but also; be ripped off less, be able to organise your trip better as well has travel safer and be more aware of your surroundings. But learning Spanish normally comes at a cost both in terms of time as well as a finance.

Learning a New Language: How to Use Media to Enhance Your Language Learning

If you are actively learning a language, tuning in to media in that language can be a great help. It will make you more sensitive to pronunciation, raise your interest in learning the language better, and best of all, you will have something to talk about when the next opportunity comes to speak with a native speaker. Here are some media you can tune in to.

Learning To Love And Learn Spanish

In learning a new language, many positive things can come about and especially when you learn Spanish. Many things can also be enhanced in your career and home life. It can help in communication when going to other countries as well.

Simple Steps to Learning How to Speak Italian

Do you want to learn how to speak Italian? Would like to get some practical advice on steps you can take to make learning the Italian language easier and faster? Learning how to speak Italian can be simple and easy. You can be speaking and sounding like a native Italian speaker with these simple steps.

The Best Way to Learn Spanish at Home

I was at work the other day and it became very clear that my life would be much easier and less stressful I knew how to learn Spanish. As I have been thinking about this for a few days now and I am trying to figure out the best way to learn Spanish. I have started asking my friends, but they have been of no help what so ever.

Is Grammar Important?

If you have ever looked at different English schools in the U.S., you may have noticed that some have grammar classes and some do not. Why is this true? Are grammar classes important or not?

Learn Spanish Grammar

When learning the grammar in Spanish there will be some growing pains. If you want to learn Spanish grammar you will have to reverse the way you think when you are speaking English. Many individuals find it hard to learn Spanish grammar, because it is so different from the English rules of grammar.

Spanish Language Program

Many people do not know this but they should really look at their local community centers and the programs that they offer. Many community centers offer all types of things that you might be surprised at. Community centers offer everything from support groups, addiction meetings, and even class to learn certain skills.

Learn Spanish CDs

Audio recording has come so far since the first record player. We have seen such innovations as vinyl, 8 track, cassette tapes, and CDs. To date CDs are the best media to listen to pristine, high quality audio.

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