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Learn Fluent Spanish – You Can Learn How to Speak Spanish Fast

If your goal is to speak Spanish fast, and to ultimately become fluent, or close to fluent, there is one approach that beats the rest. To learn fluent Spanish, you must first become conversational.

Study Thai in Chiang Mai – Where to Practice For Free With Locals

Learn all of the best places to meet with locals for a free Thai language exchange in Chiang Mai. Pick up tips for your first “exchange” and learn the do’s and don’ts of finding a partner!

How to Learn Spanish Easily at Home

So you want to learn Spanish at home, but you’re stuck trying to find the best method to learn Spanish easily without having to move to Mexico or some other Spanish speaking country to do it. There are many ways to immerse yourself in a new language without having to go live in another country for 10 weeks at a time. Here are some suggestions for learning to speak Spanish at home for those who don’t have the time or the money to travel.

Learn Conversational Spanish – Spanish Software Reviews and What to Focus On

Most people learn Spanish using language programs, and search the internet for Spanish software reviews to determine which program is the best. But what should you be looking out for in these Spanish software reviews?

Learn Italian Online

I have had a crush on Italy and the Italian language ever since I visited Sicily for the first time in the late 1970’s. The view from the window in my modest “pensione” was breathtaking beautiful, and the scent of perfume in the air, from the overwhelming amount of flowers in Taormina in the spring, had an unforgettable impact on my senses.

1.3 Billion, Global Education City

All over the world thousands of students are trying to find the best place to study English whether at home or abroad. Many countries are starting to make English the official language and jobs are becoming harder and harder to find unless the applicant is bilingual, English and another language.

The Problems of Not Teaching Yourself French

Learning French is a challenging yet rewarding experience. Mastering this language at your disposal will make you expand your mind, increase your employability and insight on other culture. Find out what you are missing out by not teaching yourself French.

Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture – Part I

You might be reading this article because you already have a vast interest in Japanese culture. Perhaps you a fan of Japanese animation or comics. Or you could be an avid video game player with an affinity for Japanese games.

Collaborative Learning and Language Software

One of the things language learners who eschew traditional classrooms miss is the benefit of collaborative activities. Whether in pairs or in teams, the cooperative exercises that come part and parcel of group-based lectures bring a unique aspect to learning that you just can’t get when working on your own.

Taking Charge – Language Learning For Adults

When you fail to learn a second language as a child, you usually miss out on one of the easiest periods to integrate new vernacular into your stock. That doesn’t mean that it’s next to impossible to acquire a foreign language as an adult, but it usually is more difficult.

How to Pay Attention Better For Improved Language Learning

Whenever you sit down in class or use your language learning software, it’s important to give the lesson your undivided attention. I know we’re living in a multi-tasking society, where people accomplish their work while listening to their iPod, checking their text messages and planning a Christmas party at exactly the same time.

A Problem Based Approach to Language Learning

Problem-based learning is one of the most important strategies when it comes to acquiring any type of skill. Thrust in such a situation, people are able to integrate abstract concepts and apply them in the real world.

Spanish Tutorial Websites – Read This Before Picking One

Are there any good Spanish tutorial websites that get results and are worth the time to find? Learn more by reading on!

Spanish Tutorial Online – What You Must Know

Looking for a Spanish tutorial online? Want to learn more about how to find tutorials? It isn’t that difficult…read on to learn more!

Studying Language Using Multiple Sources

Some people prefer to study from a single material, often believing that the less-complicated route (sticking to one reference) will facilitate a more rewarding effort. For some reason, they only limit their knowledge in reading single resource material. Others, however, contend that using multiple sources is always necessary for more thorough language learning.

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