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With this series, we will teach you the core 300 Spanish words that you must know if you’re a an absolute beginner.
With each new episodes in this series, we’ll include a review section so you remember everything you’ve learnt.
So after you’ve learned the new words and phrases, stick around and review what you learned in previous lessons. Reviewing is one of the most important parts of learning a language!
This is THE place to start if you want to learn Spanish, and improve both your listening and speaking skills.

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Which Spanish Language Software Review Should I Trust?

Are you tired of being lied to? Are you tired of reading reviews of products online only to discover, after your purchase, that the people who wrote them were not honest, that they were only trying to sell you products they have never even tried or bought. If you are tired of those fake opinions, then read this article as I will show you some simple guidelines to follow while searching for an honest Spanish language software review.

English Courses in Your Hotel

There are endless English courses available in all the English speaking countries and there are also many English schools in countries where English is not the native language. You can attend your local academy, pay for a private teacher, go to an academy that gives you a computer based course or maybe you are lucky enough to receive in-company classes.

English Vocabulary Words – The Best Way to Get Ahead

English is a universal language around the world. A mastery of English vocabulary words is now a requirement to the best school, colleges, jobs and social events. Excellent English vocabulary creates an instant positive impression about your level of education, competence, and success. It will make it so easy for you to succeed in any area of life.

How to Learn Spanish Quick – The Tools Your Online Course Should Contain

Are you tired of trying every online course that promise to help you “learn Spanish within two weeks guaranteed”, only to see no results? Are you tired of those fake solutions, made of poorly done content, created by bad intentioned people, that have a single thing on their mind: To suck money out of your wallet?

Learn a New Language

Anyone who’s suffered through a high school language course knows that learning a second language isn’t easy. But if you’ve ever wanted to trek through Mexico, visit Paris in the summer, or float down the Rhine, it’s probably worth knowing at least a few phrases in the tongue of your host country.

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This article is a hands-on look at using ESL role-plays and skits for children to help them learn English in a fun and effective way. If you are planning on using role-plays to teach English then you need to know how to choose a script and how to adapt it for your pupils. In addition check out these useful do’s and don’ts when preparing for a skit that you will ultimately perform to the school, to parents or to another class.

Finding a Spanish Learning Software – Watch Out For Frauds!

Are you tired of searching for a valuable Spanish learning software without being able to find anything worth your while? Are you tired of wasting your time downloading bad softwares full of poorly made content that should supposedly help you learn Spanish under 2 weeks guaranteed? If you are tired of those solutions then read this article as I will show you where to start your search.

Learning Conversational Spanish Online

Today, it is becoming more and more appealing to speak a second language. Spanish is a widely-spoken language and makes a great choice. There are now many tools online to help learn conversational Spanish.

Language Production Activities in the TEFL/ESL Classroom – Moving Beyond Gap Fills

Through the hum drum of lesson planning, grammar presentations and classroom activities, we as TEFL/ESL teachers often forget to ask ourselves how do foreign language learners actually improve through the interactions, presentations and activities we do with them? What activities in course books and supplementary materials actually work, what don’t and how can we even tell? This article proclaims the importance of language production activities as the ‘common sense’ of grammar and vocabulary English practice in the TEFL/ESL classroom.

Learn English Online and Advance Your Business!

If you want to improve your business English and you have no time to go to a classroom, then you should seriously consider enrolling on the web so that you can learn English online. Online learning is a better way of learning business English because it is very flexible, affordable and readily available. Business English will never be a problem for you if decide to learn English online.

Why is Learning Business English So Important?

Here is a transcript of a meeting I had with an HR manager at a startup company in Israel. Her intention was to eventually create an internal memo that will be based on the interview. Why is learning English, and especially learning business English, so important? The world is becoming smaller-we all experience it.

Start Teaching English Overseas This School Year

If you are a teacher, you know how exciting the new school year can be. New students, a fresh start, and new co-workers – but after a few weeks, the novelty wears off and it is back to the same old grind, year after year. If you are looking for a new and exciting challenge, one that never gets old and is completely unlike anything you have ever experienced before, you may want to try teaching English overseas.

Spanish Language Immersion Schools Abroad – Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

Studying in-country in a Spanish language total immersion program is absolutely the best way to learn Spanish, or any foreign language. In most programs, especially those in Latin America, the program will include about 4 hours of study per day and a home-stay with a local family.

Learn Irish

Learn Irish using the total immersion method. Native speakers teach Irish learners to speak and understand the language first. Learn Irish the way you learned your own native language by trial and error until you are fluent.

Spanish Language Downloads Online – How to Find a Product That is Not a Fraud

Are you tired of trying to find a valuable Spanish language course online, only to download the same remodeled poor content all the time? Are you tired of wasting your time trying to find the right program for you? In this article I will show you where to look to find a Spanish course that is worth your time.

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