HABER in Spanish: Everything you need to know (hay, había, he, ha, has, hubo, había, no hay de qué)

In this Spanish lesson, you will learn everything you need to know about the verb ‘haber’, from its simplest uses to the most complex contexts. You will learn the use of haber when it works as the equivalent of there is, there are, there was, and there were: hay, hubo, había. You will learn haber as an auxiliary verb, an ambulance verb, because haber goes and helps all other verbs make more complex tenses such as the present perfect, the pluperfect, the conditional, and more. Let’s say what I am talking about is like the verb “to have” in English. When you are using “to have” as an auxiliary: “I have lived in México”, where “to have” goes to a different level and no longer means what it means in sentences such as “I have two dogs”. You can do the same in Spanish but instead you use the ambulance verb “haber.” In Spanish, for example, these structures require “haber” plus a past participle like the past participle of “to leave”, “left” to make sentences like I have left: “he salido”, I had left: “había salido”, I have walked: “he caminado”, I have run: “he corrido”, and so on. You will also learn a super important use of haber that nobody has told you about, and that is when “haber” can be used as when in English you use “let’s” in sentences like “Let’s get it done”: “Hay que hacerlo”, Let’s clean: “Hay que limpiar”, Let’s eat: “Hay que comer”, Let’s… whatever. This use requires the Spanish word “hay” plus “que” plus a verb in infinitive, that is to say the action in its non-conjugated form. Lastly I will teach you the difference between the verbs “haber” and “tener” that confuses a lot of Spanish learners, and that it should not because there isn’t a reason for it, and why is that, well watch my lesson. But before you watch my lesson, and last but not least, just between you and me, I am going to give you handy phrases that I like a lot in which haber shows:

“No hay de qué” (pronounced noh-ay-deh-KEH) used when somebody says thank to you and you want to respond: no problem, of course, anytime, no need to thank, you say: no hay de qué.

“Hay más tiempo que vida”, a saying that says what it says, there is more time than life, so enjoy it. Really!

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