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One of the best ways to start learning a language and stick with it, is to do it in a stress-free environment. Where you’re most comfortable, like at home!
And in this guide, you’ll discover the 6 best ways to learn at home with our learning system, free printable resources, and much more.

SpanishPod101 is the best place to get started with the Spanish language as you will get on your way to Spanish fluency fast. We provide you with everything you need to maser the language.

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How to Enjoy Reading in a Second Language

Some second language learners dislike reading. After all, it can be a little frustrating trying to comprehend words written in a language you don’t quite yet understand.

Spanish Tutorial MP3 – Available Online?

Looking for Spanish tutorial MP3 files you can download and put on your iPod or home computer for your listening pleasure and education? A lot of people enjoy Spanish tutorial MP3 files since they are convenient and can bring them the fluency in the language they desperately want, so where can you find these MP3’s and how can you start using them to gain more knowledge about the beautiful Spanish language right away? Read on to learn more.

Helpful Skills For Adult Language Learners

While anyone can learn a new language with enough time and effort, there are several skills that can help adult learners cope more effectively with the requirements of acquiring an entirely foreign way of speaking. These abilities are things you may have integrated from school, developed through work or learned through your life experiences.

Modern Aramaic is Not the Language of Jesus

For thousands of years, a tiny Syrian village has kept a well-guarded treasure: the language of Jesus. Tucked away in the Qalamoun Mountains, just north of Damascus, Syria, is Malula – one of the last places on earth where Aramaic is still spoken. […] “Of course we are interested to maintain this language, because at the end, this is the language of Jesus Christ,” says Father Toufic Eid of St. Sergius Church. (emphasis mine)

Relaxed and Comfortable Conversations For Language Learners

Being able to converse in an informal and relaxed setting is one of the best ways for language learners to gain confidence when using their newly-developed skills. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Three Things Every Language Learner Should Do

Looking for a way to boost your language learning speed and success? Here are three ideas that I think everyone should embrace.

How to Read Context Clues For Better Vocabulary Building

It’s a well-known fact. Reading a lot helps build your vocabulary, especially when you’re learning a second language.

How to Improve Concentration During Your Language Studies

Focus plays a big role when you are engaging in your second language studies. This is especially important for those learning alone, such as that using language mastery software, a taped course or a book.

A Few Tips For Taking Notes During Your Language Learning Lessons

Do you take notes when you get your language learning lessons? You really should. They’re a great way to keep track of what you’re supposed to be learning, as well as an excellent future reference when you need to brush up on past topics.

Interactive Engagement With a Language Software

Most language learning mediums passively feed you instruction. You sit there and absorb, doing nothing else to further the engagement.

O Father-Mother, Birther of the Cosmos?

It has been another interesting day in the world of Aramaic Studies. Hopping around Yahoo Answers, I came across a link to a webpage that had a number of really… ‘interesting’ translations of the Lord’s Prayer from “the original Aramaic.”

Aramaic a “Corruption of Hebrew”?

You often hear on the web (from would be message board heroes offering a free translation) that Aramaic and Hebrew are “practically identical,” now an article claims that one is a corruption of the other. What exactly is the relationship between Hebrew and Aramaic?

Common Misconceptions About Aramaic

Aramaic is not one monolithic language. More linguists today see it as a family of closely-related languages, and many of these languages are not mutually intelligible. Generally, however, the individual languages are known as “dialects.”

How to Learn Grammar Without Scaring Yourself to Death

English grammar used to send a lump down my throat. For some reason, grade school managed to paint a picture of horror for me anytime grammar was involved.

Learning to Speak Before Learning to Write

Speaking and writing, in any language, consists of two very different skills. While one can definitely benefit the other, learning each one is something you will need to pursue independently.

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