How to Give a Presentation in Spanish

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In this video, we will teach you How to Give a Presentation in Spanish. This is the best place to start learning the Spanish language!

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Finding The Best Way To Learn Spanish Online

I was at work the other day and it became very clear that my life would be much easier and less stressful I knew how to speak Spanish. As I have been thinking about this for a few days now, I have decided to do it and I am trying to figure out the best way to learn Spanish.

Learn Simple German With These 3 Tactics

Find out 3 ways to make learning German a breeze. This includes; keeping a simple notebook, looking at your surroundings and getting online for maximum interaction.

3 Reasons Why Grammar in German Can Be a Monster

See why German grammar can be quite difficult. It’s not just all the rules and technicalities, it goes beyond that. Read-up on how verbs, adjectives and articles play a major roll.

Start With This Simple German Verbs List

Get an overview of the basics behind most German verbs. This article details a few basic conjugations patterns so you know what to expect while learning German.

3 Reasons Why Adjectives in German Can Be a Real Pain

See why German adjective endings cause many students big headaches. Not only are they difficult to master, but finding good resources tends to pose a major problem as well.

The 5 Phases in Making An English to German Language Shift

From zero knowledge to specific skill sets; this article details the five stages most language learners go through when learning German. It’s a long road to becoming fluent in any language and German is no different.

Cute and Useful German Love Phrases

Courting is hard enough without a language barrier. Here are some love phrases in German to help you.

3 Fun German Learning Course Ideas

Everyone takes in information differently. Finding the right study program is essential for any subject. Here are three simple ideas to find a learning course for German that fits you.

3 Must-Know Aspects About German Language Vocabulary

See why certain characteristics of vocabulary in German really are quite different. English may be close to German, but not when it comes to the more intricate details.

3 Easy Ways to Speak Simple German

Discover three unique ways to speak German. These simple suggestions can help guide your learning process.

All for the Cat? German Idioms for Fun and Play

Idioms are expressions that convey a specific message that is not predictable or directly translatable when considering the meaning of the individual words that make them up. Take a shot at these two German idioms: Just because your knowledge of German idioms is below every sow doesn’t mean that you have to stand there like a watered poodle.

With Different Methods to Learn Polish

There are all sorts of ways to learn even one language. But not all the ways are very suitable to you. Polish is a foreign language which can be learned through many methods too. You can use internet, software and try to speak much of it.

How to Acquire an American Accent?

How to acquire an American accent? If you are asking yourself this question, keep reading, because you are in the right place. In this article I’m going to help you improve your American accent within a short time! Here are two super important tips on how to acquire an American accent.

The Art of Learning Spanish Using Audio Techniques

Learning a new language can be very difficult to say the least, but by using learning Spanish audio techniques, you can greatly improve your learning ability. This article will show you some of the best ways to improve your language learning ability.

Log Cabin Personality And Other Household Names

The English language is really very diverse, so much so that it has adapted a lot of foreign languages and passed it off as its own. Tweak a little of the pronunciation, add a vowel here and there, and voila, a new English word has been born.

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