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In this video you’ll discover how our printable resources can help you practice all your Spanish skills.

Our Cheat Sheets are a quick way to improve your language skills, without having to study for hours or spend time looking up words in a dictionary. With every cheat sheet, you get a basic dialog and must-know words and phrases for common topics like hobbies, weather, talking about your day, and much more. And there are over 30 cheat sheets, that you can download for free on our site, if you’re a member.

SpanishPod101 is the best place to get started with the Spanish language as you will get on your way to Spanish fluency fast. We provide you with everything you need to maser the language.

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Learn French Online Now – All You Need to Know to Become Fluent in French Fast

Many people dream of being able to speak French fluently. However, only a few succeed and reach that level of fluency when you don’t have to think before you say something. If this is your goal, then you have come to the right page for advice.

French Pronunciation Made Easy – Insider Secrets That Will Make You Fluent in French Fast

It is notoriously difficult for people learning the French language to learn the pronunciation. The French language is complex and of course very different from the way the English language is constructed and this affects how you pronounce the French words. However French pronunciation can be made easy if you follow some simple steps and stick to the routine.

How You Can Learn Spanish Phrases Online

Many people do not actually want to learn to speak Spanish fluently, either because they don’t have the time to commit towards learning the language in its fullest form, or they just need a basic grasp of the language to help them to get by. If you are in this position, it is possible for you to learn Spanish phrases online, which will be enough for your individual needs.

Alternative Spanish Language Lessons

Spanish is one of the most common languages after English and French and is widely spoken in western countries especially the U.S. So in this competitive world where only the fittest can survive, people are increasingly opting to take Spanish as their second language. And thanks to the era of information technology, there are many alternatives available to take Spanish language lessons.

Cook Your Way to Learning Spanish, in Spain Or Mexico!

Do you really love to cook? Do you enjoy traveling? Do you wish that you could learn Spanish in Spain or Mexico? If you have answered a hearty “Yes!” to these three questions, then you absolutely must consider taking a class that combines the best of all three!

Learning Swiss German Made Simple

Swiss German is spoken not in Germany but in Switzerland. It is the everyday language of the Swiss but it is not German. You will know with the differences it has with the sounds, pronunciations, and the grammar used.

Learn Swiss German in Rapid Time

In learning a new language such as Swiss German, the traditional way is to begin where a first grader would start – the alphabet, then proceeding to simple words and then finally to simple grammar, just the way you do in school. However, who has too much time in their hands that they can take that much time learning a new language?

Learning Swahili Made Simple

Swahili is the national language of East African countries. The word itself means “the coast” in English. This was the name given by the Arab traders who were in contact with the African people in these places for three centuries.

Learn Swahili Quick and Easy

If you have you have heard a native African speak, there is definitely a much bigger chance that the language you heard him speak in was Swahili. This is due to the fact that, of all African languages and dialects, it is the most widely spoken.

Learn Swahili in Rapid Time

Swahili is a Bantu language that is spoken all throughout Eastern Africa by over 40 million people. Even though Swahili is spoken by only around 5 million people as a native language, it has become the lingua franca in Africa, one that allows people who speak the other Bantu languages to communicate. This is the reason why the number of total speakers has increased to more than 40 million, which is a massive amount for a native African language in a continent with countless popular tribal languages.

Learning Tagalog Made Simple

If you have been anywhere in the Philippines, you would know that Tagalog is the national language of this 7,107 island rich archipelago, known for its pristine beaches, fine white sand, and hospitable people. The language used to belong in a set with Alibata, an ancient yet extinct alphabet system used by its ancestors before colonialism set in.

Learn Tagalog Quick and Easy

Why not learn Tagalog? If you are a Peace Corps volunteer, a Subic Naval Base ex-soldier, or a surfer from California and in need of a good break, you would surely love the fine sand beaches of the Philippines and the huge waves during stormy season.

Learn Tagalog in Rapid Time

Wherever you can be in the world, there is always the possibility that you will meet several Filipinos. Along with this fact, there is also the probability that you have heard one or two Tagalog words spoken.

Fast Ways to Learn Tagalog

Unlike most other languages, Tagalog has the reputation of being easy to learn. The syllabic pronunciation of its words only requires the correct emphasis to be able to say it correctly and avoid the possibility of being misunderstood or taken out of context.

List of Adjectives

As an English language student advances in his or her study, it is important that he or she learns how adjectives are being used. He or she also has to know the degrees of comparison and the most common adjectives in the English language.

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