How to Learn Spanish Words by Writing Them Out

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If you want to learn more words so you can speak and understand even more of your target language, there is a super simple way to do this… In fact, it’s so simple that most people don’t even think of it because it doesn’t involve language apps, youtube videos, or your computer. We’re talking about writing things out by hand.

And in this guide, you’ll discover
– Why writing words out helps you pick up languages faster
– How to use our Free PDF workbooks to practice writing
– And much more.

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Learning a Language Live in the Field

If you live in a foreign country (even temporarily) and are hoping to pick up more of the local language, try enrolling in an activity-centered course, like a dance or self-defense class. These events, which will likely be taught using the local vernacular, is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the language, while getting the benefit of not having to fully understand it in order to follow.

How to Speak With Locals When Visiting a Foreign Country

Traveling to a foreign country sometime soon? If that’s your main motivation for learning a new language, do realize that you don’t need to be an expert in order to enjoy a positive experience wherever you visit. In fact, you’ll probably fare better if you remember these useful guidelines for English-speaking international travelers.

Machine Translations – Where They Are Best Applied

Still think machine translations are bad? Better think again. We’re at the point now where machine translation has evolved in such a way that they are regularly employed in various industries. While they’re still not at the level where they can transform a 300-page novel into an equally poignant piece of work, their applications are pretty impressive nonetheless.

How to Learn a Foreign Accent

I’m not a fan of working to acquire a foreign accent. Learning a new language is usually hard enough, without having to subject yourself to copying a group of people’s speaking style as well.

Develop Your Skills in Studying For Language Learning

Want to have an easier time in your language learning efforts? Look towards developing better study skills. Unfortunately for the school-averse, the same discipline necessary for doing good in school (remember those times) is likely to be the same thing that will help you in your later language acquisition.

Language Learning – Strategies and Techniques

In any form of learning, there are always different ways to achieve the same result. The field of language learning, in particular, can benefit from well-made strategies that can improve the student’s overall acquisition of skills.

Language Lessons – Group Or Individual?

So you’ve decided to study a new language. The next step is to figure out how you will receive the instruction. Should you opt for a group course, where you will have a classroom of people to practice your studies with, or take an individual course, either with a private tutor or a language learning software?

Five Reasons to Learn a Second Language

Should you learn a second language? Just because you aren’t planning a trip anytime soon, it doesn’t mean you can’t take language lessons or practice a new tongue. There are many reasons for learning a new language and they don’t always involve having to use it for business.

Learning Key Conversational Phrases

Sometimes, gaining conversational skills in a language need not necessarily require a mastery of it. In fact, if you’ll only be in a foreign country for a short time, learning a few key conversational phrases may be all you need to get by.

Mastering the English Vocabulary is Not As Daunting As You Think it Is!

The English language has one of the largest vocabulary among the world’s languages, with close to one million word items estimated to be available in its arsenal. As such, mastering the English vocabulary typically takes a very long time, especially for those starting their English education from scratch.

How to Expand Your English Vocabulary on a Daily Basis

Want to expand your stock of English words and phrases? Try writing on a regular basis with the help of an English language software, making full use of its integrated facilities for picking up new elements of the language.

Language Learning Goals – Fluency in Three Months

I once heard a guy boast that he will try to achieve fluency in a language in three months. While I’m not discounting the possibility of that happening, setting such a lofty goal is almost tantamount to setting yourself up for failure.

English Writing Practice – Exploding Texts

Looking for more ways to practice your growing store of English skills? Try writing using the technique of Exploding Texts, which allows you to gradually fashion more and more complex sentences as you go along.

Language Learning and Career Prospects

Why do people study new languages? For many of us, it’s a career move. Gaining facility in a new vernacular simply allows us to expand our horizon, opening up doors that aren’t available to just anybody else.

Letter Templates Helps Improve Your English Writing

Back when I was studying German, my tutor made a regular exercise out of making me write letters based on pre-made templates. Looking back on the experience, it was one of the most fruitful techniques I used for improving my written German, proving a huge help in my email-based business dealings with different clients and partners.

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