How to Rate in Spanish? Basic Spanish

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In this video you will learn how to rate in Spanish. You’ll be able to sound like a Native Spanish Speaker!
If you are an absolute beginner Spanish learner, this video is made for you. Our hosts express themselves in simple Spanish and English. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your Spanish language study. This is THE place to start if you want to start learning Spanish.

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Speaking and Writing Grammar Errors to Avoid in English – The Short List

There is a fairly simple list of English grammar errors which teachers look for. In many cases these are used so commonly that they have become accepted but they are still used as a measure of scholarship. In some cases, these usages can bee proven to be perfectly acceptable historically but this doesn’t mean that it is always safe to use them on high-school and college essays and papers. As long as there are people who consider them wrong the writer/speaker who uses them is likely to be subject to derision and deprecation.

How Learning Mandarin Can Enhance Chinese Business Communication

The most important thing to understand about Chinese business communication is that so much of it relies on what is unsaid, rather than on what is spoken aloud. Thus, while it is very important to gain proficiency in Chinese through online lessons if you are planning to do business in the country, it is just as essential for you to gain a basic understanding of Chinese cultural norms so as not to inadvertently give offense and damage the association before it has even started.

How Learning Chinese Can Make It Easier to Do Business in China

These days, everyone wants to do business in China and this should not be surprising given how the Asian giant’s economy is booming due to its burgeoning manufacturing sector. It was recently reported that China had overtaken Japan to become the world’s second largest economy, with a total worth of $5.

What Is the Importance of the HSK Test?

If you want to study or work in China, you need to pass the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) accreditation exam. The HSK is a certification of language proficiency that is the Chinese equivalent of the TOEFL.

Teaching ESL – The 5 Most Difficult Things About the English Language

English is a relatively easy language to learn compared to many others. However there are some aspects of the language that new learers always have difficulty with. These are the five things I have found to be most difficult for new language learners to handle in learning to communicate in English.

Discover the Secrets of a Unique Way to Master the Easiest Language to Learn: Spanish

After much deliberation with my international friends at work (I live in South Texas) I decided that since Spanish was considered the easiest language to learn I would give it a shot. They seemed very sure that for an English speaker, learning Spanish wouldn’t be that hard. Looking back on it, it strikes me that they were patient with me and kept referring to the fact that I was a native English speaker.

Chinese Language Learning Software: 3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Chinese Language Course

Want to learn Chinese online? Great! There are lots of wonderful programs to choose from. Unfortunately, lots of not so wonderful programs have also been thrown into the mix. There are also programs that may be good for some but not so good for others, including you. So, how do you weave your way through the mess and find the program that’s right for you? Ask the 3 questions below and you will find the Chinese language learning program that’s best for you.

How to Speak English Fluently?

You always dreamed of speaking fluent English just like other million people around the globe but that remained only a dream! You know English, but when you speak, your pronunciation sounds strange or you stammer while speaking.

Learn To Motivate Yourself To Study New Language

Are you looking for ways on how you can motivate yourself so you can study new language? This is because just like with anything else that we try to achieve in our lives, learning another language can be quite hard. So we tend to look for short cuts which often do not work. We just need to have that right mindset to help us with our goal.

First Steps To Writing In French

Writing directly in French is very challenging. Even native speakers can find it difficult. But with the right tools and approach students of French can get credible results.

ESL Programs: Learning English As a Second Language Made Easier!

Should you say “award” or “reward”? Should you write “advise” or “advice”? If you study English, you know one thing for sure – English can sometimes be confusing! Thanks to good ESL programs around, you get all the help you need to start learning and perfecting your skills. ESL or English as Second Language online programs are designed to teach students to write and speak the language, guiding them through each lesson. They give you the opportunity to practice your communication skills in many varied ways and in your own space and time.

Easiest Language To Learn – What Makes These 3 Languages Easiest for English Speakers to Learn

Since I speak a lot of foreign languages, people are always asking what was the easiest language to learn. I wish it were as simple as saying French, or German, or Spanish. Unfortunately, like so many subjects the answer is far more complex than one might think.

Hungarians in the World – Where Do Magyars Live Now?

Hungarians were the last major ethnic group to arrive in Europe during the time of what is known as the “Great Migrations.” Today, more than 10 million Hungarians reside within the country’s borders and another five million live outside of Hungary. This article is about the millions of Magyars in Transylvania and all around the world. Let’s see where Hungarians live.

Basic Spanish Lesson Or Beginner Spanish Lesson

Today we are going to take a look at a very basic Spanish lesson or beginner Spanish lesson. It’s the type of lesson that you would have in your first day of school. Is a typical introduction scenario between two persons.

French Grammar – Opportunite Is NOT Opportunity

The false friend we’re concerned about is much less sinister. It basically is any word that looks like a word in another language, and so you automatically assume that they are the same thing… And it’s a good thing to do actually! Because you’ll be right more than 90% of the time. But that 10% is a stinger, so let’s get this sorted out shall we?

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