How to use “conmigo” and “contigo” in Spanish questions and answers! (Read the description below.)

In this Spanish lesson I will teach you how and when to use “conmigo” and “contigo” correctly in Spanish. Although “conmigo” is the equivalent of the English “with me”, and “contigo” is the equivalent as the English “with you”, these two Spanish words cause confusion because first, they are used in a very particular way in Spanish, and second, they are different than the rest of the family. So, for instance, while you would say “conmigo” to say “with me”, and “contigo” to say “with you”, you would say “con ella” to say “with her”, “con él” to say “with him”, “con usted” to say “with you” (formal and singular), “con nosotros” to say “with us” (men or mixed group), “con nosotras” to say “with us” (women), “con vosotros” to say “with you” (plural for men or a mixed group in Spain), “con vosotras” to say “with you” (plural for women in Spain), “con ustedes” to say “with you” (plural in México and Latin America), “con ellos” to say “with them” (men or mixed group), “con ellas” to say “with them” (women). It seems like something pretty simple, right? But why do many Spanish students make mistakes or get stuck with this topic? Well, to answer this question and many more Spanish questions I made this video. I am going to teach you in detail all the “conmigo” (kohn-mee-goh) and “contigo” (kohn-tee-go) Spanish business, and their non-alike cousins. I will also show you how and when to use them by teaching you to make questions and give answers based on grammatical Spanish structures that are practical, and that are based on everyday life and real Spanish.

As usual, this lesson will also improve your Spanish because there is always something new you learn with each of my lessons.

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You can listen to songs like the ones below. You will only hear “conmigo” or “contigo” once or twice, but hey — you will practice your Spanish, listen to nice songs, and improve your Spanish comprehension, and cultural awareness.

First song is “Palabras Tristes” by Los Yonics, and this version is done by Los Yonics’ singer, José Manuel Zamacona, who unfortunately passed away due to covid-19. My neighbours listened to Los Yonics, and I memorized all the lyrics and sang their romantic songs involving broken hearts and love at age 6. Too much! Anyway, I think the singer has a very touching voice. I am recommending you the version of Zamacona and with Mon Laferte because I think they make a great duo. Enjoy it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVTS5P0rgoE

My second recommendation is “Contigo aprendí” (“I Learnt with You”) written by singer and composer Armando Manzanero. This song has been interpreted by many artists. I personally like the version in the voice of Alejandro Fernández joined by mariachi:

The third suggestion is the bolero “Contigo en la distancia”. This song has been interpreted by so many singers that I can’t seem to catch up. My favorite version is the original which belongs to Cuban singer and musician César Portillo de la Luz. Again, you will find many versions of this song, maybe even Obama sang it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ8z5dCzgJY

Fourth and last suggestion is “Aunque no sea conmigo” (Even If it is Not With Me”, Ouch!):
interpreted by Colombian singer Celso Piña and Mexican lead band singer Café Tacuba. This song was written by Chago Díaz, and this is the version I like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLduz3SCP4A

Enjoy the Spanish songs!
Disfruta de las canciones en español!

Don’t stop learning Spanish!
¡No pares de aprender español!

Be happy in a Spanish language way!
¡Sé feliz de la manera que lo dicta la lengua española!

Stay positive in a Mexican way!
¡Mantén una actitud positiva a la manera mexicana!

And keep singing good Latin American and Spanish songs!
¡Y sigue cantando canciones latinoamericanas y españolas chidas!

Sé feliz aunque no sea conmigo. Be happy even if it is not with me!
Ana 🙂
Ana 🙂

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