How to Use the Preposition “con” in Spanish Download your FREE pack of PDF cheat sheets that give you a quick overview of all the Spanish basics you need to know!

In this video, we will tell you how to use the preposition “con” in Spanish.
We want to help you improve all your skills: Spanish grammar, Spanish listening, Spanish reading, Spanish speaking, Spanish writing, Spanish vocabulary and Mexican culture knowledge.
This is the best place to start learning the Spanish language!

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Corporate Executive English Language Training – Tips For Finding Custom Training Solutions

When looking to do business globally, careful consideration for corporate executive English language training should be at the top of any plan. The need for executives to have good English skills follows closely behind that of sales and account management team members. While sales and account managers will most likely have first contact with potential clients and customers in English-speaking countries, executives will be expected to have a stronger background in spoken English.

Words For Love in the Tagalog Language

When I was a child, my music teacher introduced us to a foreign song about the love for language. This was the very first time I learned how to say the words “I love you” in another language.

Abbreviations – Where Would We Be Without Them?

Abbreviations are shortened forms of words and phrases. We use them every day in every walk of life, more than we may realize.

6 Basic Tips For Learning French Fast

When you start learning a new skill, it is always a good motivational tool if you know you can do it fast rather than slowly. If you take the wrong approach, learning French can drag on for years before you feel able to speak it easily and confidently. Here are 6 basic tips for learning French fast that will ensure you will keep on making progress and not lose all your motivation after the first few days of learning this language.

What’s in a Good Free English Course For Listening?

There is a lot of low quality content on the internet and some of it is in the form of free English courses. Some are quite high quality, too.

Learn English Online – Save Time and Get Better Results

Learning a new language is a challenge. It is said that English can be one of most difficult languages to learn because of the many exceptions to grammar, spelling, and pronunciation rules. It can take weeks or months to master English as a second language.

Spanish Language CD – Interactive Media That Opens a New Perspective

Using the Spanish language CD is a great tool to learn the language easily and quickly. You can browse over the internet for sites that has Spanish language course and download it in your computer. You can also listen to the language course by burning the CD and play it back on your car stereo and portable stereo. Hence, this option makes you accessible to the learning course anywhere you might be.

Global Companies Learning English – Improved English Skills Saves Time and Money

Global companies learning English and promoting good English skills benefit by time saved on translations, correcting errors and other time-intensive activities required for international business. By improving the English skills of their employees, companies gain back that lost time.

Offering Translation Services As a Business

Are you bi-lingual or multi-lingual? If you speak more than one language fluently, you might be able to capitalize on your skills as a translator.

Executives Learning English Over the Internet – ESL For Business

Everyday there are thousands of executives learning English over the Internet to improve business relations with foreign companies. Since so many companies conduct business in or with English speaking companies from across the globe, these executives know the value of English as a second language (ESL.) Many instructional institutions offer these online training programs specifically designed to meet the needs of busy executives and professionals.

How to Improve Spoken English Using Games

Once you’ve completed an accent reduction course and learned some new sounds, you need to practice those sounds to improve your spoken English and make it a habit in everyday conversation. Of course, you can plan get-togethers with your English speaking friends, and a fun activity to get everyone talking is to play a board game. Many board games will encourage interaction, and they are all great for practicing conversation, but there are a few that are particularly good for building your English pronunciation and vocabulary skills.

Improve Spoken English With Mints and Lemon Drops

You want to improve your spoken English and you are trying to remember everything you’ve learned about pronunciation and intonation, but it’s hard to break old habits. Before you give up and think you’ll just have to live with your accent the way it is, there is something else you can try. Candy. Yes, I mean mints and lemon drops and sour candy. Not as a reward or incentive, but as a reminder.

Expressing Gratitude and Regret in Spanish

Have you ever wondered how to say thank you and sorry in Spanish? These are one of those words which our mom taught us before we went to school. Say sorry when you make a mistake and say thank you when someone do something nice for you. There’s a way to say thank you and sorry in virtually all countries.

Tips on Learning French Fast

Learn French fast without joining online or private lessons. You can do this by purchasing a learn French CD that will have basic as well as advance lessons as a part of the course.

Big Companies Training Workers in English – An Increasing Necessity

As global economies become the focus of world business, the necessity of big companies training workers in English language skills becomes apparent. English is the most common language spoken in the business world.

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