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Tips in Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP) for Tourism

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is a course designed to meet specific needs of the learners and helps them to accomplish their English skills. They get the possibility to use the language for their needs, for example, for tourism purposes.

Language Teaching Trends In British Schools

The teaching of foreign languages in British schools has undergone dramatic change in the last decade, with a change of emphasis towards learning languages at an earlier age. But have the changes been a step towards better language teaching in schools, or are primary schools unprepared for their new responsibilities?

Deconstructing Spanglish

Spanglish is a linguistic phenomenon characterized by a pronounced blend of Spanish and English words that are communicated in continuous, alternating streams during a language encounter. It is commonly used by a substantial portion of the Hispanic population in the United States. While not a pidgin language, it strictly follows grammatical rules within contexts.

Participant Structures and Communicative Competence

In her article, “Participant Structures and Communicative Competence: Warm Springs Children in Community and Classroom” Susan Philips described the disjuncture between verbal encounters in classrooms where young North American Indians get formally educated and in their native communities where they learn the particular skills their people deem necessary in their roles as members of the community. This disjuncture represents one of the major challenges being encountered in the primary and secondary education of North American Indians which have been widely reported in previous research and are well-known phenomena in the national education sector.

Language Ideologies and Their Impact on Language Use and Structure

According to Franz Boas, the socio-cultural context within which a speech community thrives and upon which its collective preferences and linguistic prejudices are established should be considered only as a “secondary rationalization” and should be relegated below the more important aspect of studying the inherent dynamics of the language itself. In the process, Boas developed an alternative linguistic model where race, language, and culture may be separated from-and can function independently of-each other.

Being Fluent in A Language – What Does That Really Mean Anyway?

People sometimes seem not to understand what is meant by being fluent in a language. This article attempts to explain my view of what being fluent in a language really means.

German Translation for Business

When most companies are already established in the country they’re based in, the next step is to move on to other markets in order to expand the reach of the company. A country that has always been known to be great for doing business in is Germany. Aside from having a high social market economy and being equipped with a labor force that is highly skilled and qualified, the country also has the largest national economy in Europe.

Tell Me More V10 Spanish + 10 Levels

Tell Me More v10 Spanish can be purchased in a variety of formats. These package variations are mostly based on how many levels you purchase with each format. You can purchase packages of 2 levels, 5 levels, or 10 levels.

Learning Chinese: How to Choose the Best Chinese Language Software

Deciding to learn Chinese is easy. It’s a fun and interesting language, and it’s very useful to know. Figuring out which Chinese language software to use is not so easy. This post is going to give you an easy 4-step process for choosing the best Chinese language software.

The Best Way to Learn Chinese: Why You Should Toss Your Textbooks and Buy Chinese Learning Software

What’s the best way to learn Chinese? That’s easy! The best way to learn Chinese is to toss your teachers and textbooks and grab some Chinese language learning software. Read this article now to find out why.

Accent on Accents: It’s Not Always the Where, But the Who

After several experiences of submitting a “first draft” of a voiceover and having the customer tell me that it wasn’t at all what they had in mind, I have learned to ignore clients’ directions that they want a “British” accent. Since the bulk of American contact with British accents and vice versa comes from media sources (TV, films, music) which lack geographical context, we develop the ability to identify an accent as British or American without the critical information of where in America or Britain the accent originated.

8 Steps To Speak Like an American

The main reason why we English learners fail in conversing efficiently is that we are in a dilemma that what if we say something that doesn’t make sense or sometimes we are just feel shy to speak to someone because we don’t know how to strike a conversation or something like that. Here are few tips to improve your speaking skill in English: 1. Build your confidence: The first thing is to have confidence in yourself and in your speaking.

Just What Is a German Written Translation?

Just what is a German translation? Is it the precise interpretation of one language into other? Can it be the broad representation of a document by a translator? I often say to students that a acceptable route to comprehend translation is to just rewrite the selfsame sentence in English but only using different lines.

Romantic Words and Phrases in Spanish – For Lovers Only

Today we will learn some romantic words and phrases in Spanish. I had originally planned to write this article the weekend when Colombia celebrated “El Día de Amor y Amistad” (the day of love and friendship). In Colombia, the celebration of “El Día de Amor y Amistad” is kind of like Valentine’s Day in the States.

How To Say You Should Have Done Something in Spanish

In this lesson, you will learn how to say you should have done something or one should have done something in Spanish. Native English speakers learning Spanish often want to know how to say you could have, you would have or you should have done something in Spanish. Today, we will cover how to say one should have done something in Spanish. I will also point out a common mistake that native English speakers make when learning Spanish. Let’s begin with how to say one should have done something in Spanish:

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