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Chinese Words – How Best to Learn Them

Chinese words present a massive challenge to language learners as they are pictures and very difficult to learn. However using the right method you can maximize your learning and minimize time and effort spent.

Successful Tips For Tackling GMAT Reading Comprehension

GMAT is precisely a test of the suitability of a candidate to join management courses through the process of an entrance test. The score in this test decides the admission of a candidate in reputed business schools in the USA and Canada. Hence, it is imperative that one must devise a systematic plan to approach the test. This article deals exclusively with the strategies and the tips one can adopt to crack the GMAT Reading Comprehension section comfortably.

The Best Way to Learn Basic Spanish Easily

The best way to learn basic Spanish easily is by using a course of study that combines two learning styles. When you study a language like Spanish by both listening to it and reading the words you are hearing at the same time, you wind up learning more easily and quickly.

Language Issues – Can Voice Software Assist Long Term Space Astronauts?

There have been a few science fiction writers who have talked about long-term space travel, and psychological problems of being all alone. For instance, let’s say that a single individual is put into a space module and sent to a faraway distant solar system. They are isolated and alone and they have passed the point where any communication with Earth is even possible.

Basic Marketing Vocabulary For ESL Speakers

Need to brush up on English marketing terms for a project, meeting or an upcoming trip? Here’s a list of common marketing vocabulary that every ESL speaker should have learned from their business language software and are keeping in their arsenal.

The Power of Repetition

Those studying a foreign language will do well to acknowledge the power of repetition. Want to wrap your head successfully around a concept? Repeatedly experience it and, eventually, it will stick.

English As a Second Language Teacher

Career in teaching English as a second language is among the most flouring careers. Increasing number of immigrants in the countries where English is considered as first language is supporting this career to grow at a much faster rate. Learn here more about the increasing scope of teaching English as second language.

The Most Time-Consuming Part of Language Learning

What’s the most time-consuming part of language learning? While some will argue that it’s different for each person, there’s one area that almost all language learners inevitably spend (at one point or another) the bulk of their time on – memorizing vocabulary.

Capitalization in English For ESL Writers

In Romanized writing, capitalization is important and, in some cases, can change a sentence’s entire meaning. That’s why all ESL writers who produce document in English are highly-advised to get their heads around the proper rules for this specific area.

Improving Your English in Front of Your Computer

The elder among us probably have a hard time keeping up with the way we learn nowadays. While your mom would have advised you to learn a new language by either enrolling in a class or investing in a good phrasebook, most of use are actually acquiring new language abilities right in front of our computers.

Tips to Learn Spanish Quickly

Now you can learn Spanish quickly and easily through the internet. Learning a language in totality takes years.

Language and Thought a Book Review

Did you know people in different cultures have different types of languages, and thus, actually end up formatting their brains different, therefore, they think differently? It’s true, it’s also true that our written language, how we write and if we have letters, or more complex symbols effects the way we think. In fact, in the United States being that we read and write from left to right, whereas those that write Chinese start at the top of the page and go down; this accounts for some of the difference in thought. Many cultures go from the right side of the page to the left side.

Making Money in Teaching English As a Foreign Language (TEFL-ESL-TESOL)

Traditionally seen as a poorly paid way to spend time out from your home country, Teaching English as a Foreign Language is becoming highly lucrative, and a fantastic way to save money for that future investment or make it for that high quality lifestyle we all crave. This article explains the tips and tricks new and experienced teachers can do to fill the coffers through doing TEFL/ESL/TESOL.

How to Learn Spanish Quick – Free Tips

There are numerous reasons for having to learn Spanish quick. Perhaps you have been asked to train an employee who speaks only Spanish and very little English. Maybe you’re going on a business trip to a country where Spanish is the main language. You may even have a close relative or friend who is marrying a Spanish-speaking person and you would like to talk to that person in his or her native language.

Learn French Online Through Rocket French and Look Smart Bearing That French Accent

If given a chance to choose a language that you really want to learn, French might definitely be on top of the list. Yes, Asian languages such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian and the like may also cross your mind, but the whole thing changes when you know how to speak French.

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