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Being Specific When Speaking Moroccan Darija

In English, the words ‘cousin, uncle, aunt, niece and nephew’ are used when referring to a family member. In English, when these words are used by the speaker, in most cases it is up to the listener to inquire as to the exact relationship of the relative to the speaker’s mother or father. In Moroccan Darija this is not the case.

Days of the Week in Moroccan Arabic

The names used for the days of the week, in Moroccan Arabic, and the numbers used for counting in both Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic are similar. This is because words for some days of the week are the same words or similar (derivatives) as the ones used for counting.

Moroccan Masculine and Feminine Form For Words

When speaking Moroccan Arabic there is a masculine and a feminine form for many words. Other languages, such as Spanish, share this similarity with Moroccan Arabic. For example, in Spanish, feminine words usually end in the letter “a” while masculine words usually end in the letter “o.”

Plural Words in the Moroccan Language

There is no strict or definitive rule to make a word plural in Moroccan Arabic; also referred to as Darija. Sometimes plurals are formed in Moroccan Darija by adding the suffix “een” to the end of words that are masculine. At other times the suffix “at” may be added to the end of feminine words to make them plural.

Does Foreign Language Immersion on a Computer Work?

Many people tout the best way to learn a language is through immersion, but it is often difficult to take time to live in another country. Can virtual immersion work? Can foreign language immersion on a computer really work? The concept of immersion for foreign language learning is not a new, but its presentation has definitely changed in recent times.

Why Learn in Your Car is a Best Selling Language Program

The Learn In Your Car language program published by Penton Overseas is specifically designed for people on the go. It can be used during any activity, but as the name implies it was created for the person in their car. The reason this series targets drivers is so that people can make productive use of their time spent behind the wheel to learn a foreign language.

Learn Basic Italian With Little Effort

So, for whatever reason, you’ve decided to learn basic Italian. Maybe your taking a weekend break to Italy and want to know some basic phrases to use whilst you’re there. Maybe your job requires you to converse with business clients in Italian.

Buy Rocket Spanish and Get Professional Instructors Very Cheap

Spanish tuition could cost more than $20 an hour, but if you buy a digital version of this same thing you could receive hundreds of hours of education for only a very small price. Check if this option is worth your money.

Second Language Learning Made Simple

You need not count the reasons why learning a second language is an advantage. Impressing your crush with a pick-up line laced with French is surely one. Nowadays, the opportunities for business, friendship, and even romantic relationships have become limitless. If only you can beat that language barrier, you may even be lucky to find girlfriend materials from all over the globe.

Learn a New Language in Rapid Time

Never think of learning a new language as a college course. If you do, you might just spend an amount to enroll in college for a language degree or you would altogether stop dreaming about ever learning Nippongo to impress your Japanese friend. Never consider it as something that could take months or years for you to be good in.

Discover How to Speak Italian – The Right Way

If you want to learn how to speak Italian, but have never quite gotten around to it, now’s the time – learning a foreign language has never been as easy as it is today! Most people put off learning a new language because they see it as a long, complicated, and often frustrating process, and they’re really surprised to discover that nowadays, it’s nothing like those dull language lessons they remember from their schooldays. What if you knew that you could set your own pace, be confidently using Italian words and phrases within only a few hours, learn vocabulary that …

Significance of Words and Semantics in the 21st Century

Using semantics is to produce logical connections between words, and when words are considered as representations, semantics is to produce logical connections between representations in order to produce higher level representations such as how the descriptive levels of the word memetics produce what is perceived in representational level as memetics or such as a list of signs defining the level of attraction in relationships. In this manner, semantics also offer/enable the possibility to move in the mental space, and the representations we are aware of define our mental state of being.

Is Learning English Today Easier Than in the Past?

There are many reasons why people choose to learn English. They may want to gain access to English information such as in books, magazines, and newspapers. Having English can open the doors for a prosperous career path. It will also help when communicating with people when traveling abroad. As well, people can enjoy English entertainment such as television, music, and movies.

Don’t Buy Rocket German Until You Read This Review Today

Rocket German offers students a range of resources to help them to learn to speak the German language. The products work very well at delivering quality, effective and fast education that is taught right at home. You can learn at your own pace and the program is also highly affordable. These items come together to help you learn to speak German easily. Having fun and interacting hasn’t been easier to do. Rocket German is an ideal investment and this Rocket German review can explain what else this program can offer to you, the student.

Don’t Buy Rocket French Until You Read This Review Today

Rocket French is a leading tool available to teach students from all walks of life how to speak French. The program offers a variety of styles of learning, including audio clips and lessons, interactive games and written lessons. It gives you the information in a fun, concise yet thorough manner and delivers everything with the exceptional quality you would expect. Those who want to learn to speak French will find that Rocket French offers just what they need to learn and grow with this program.

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