Learn Spanish: 15 Past Tense Irregular Verbs

In this video I will teach you the Spanish preterit, pretérito, or past simple, pasado simple, of some of the most important Spanish verbs. Some of the verbs I will teach you in past tense are: “ser” & “estar” – “to be”; “ir” – “to go”; “saber” – “to know”; “poner” – “to come” or “to put”; “caber” – “to fit”; “poder” – “can”; and many more. Do you know how important these verbs are? Can you even imagine how important these verbs are in the past tense? I would say… very, very important. The reason I am saying this is easy, we really spend a lot of our time talking about the past, because we know it, it is ordered, and often we find ourselves talking about what we did yesterday, last month, last year, and so on. The past tense enables us to talk about events, actions, emotions, stories, and all that happened sometime in the past, sometimes at a particular specific point that we can set in our life timeline, sometimes at many points in the past. This video will help you reach a huge goal of learning the past – learning the regular verbs in the past, and learning the irregular verbs in the past. Watch my video and continue learning Spanish because it is a language that connects you to many cultures, peoples, and lands worth getting to know.

Watch the first part of this video PAST TENSE IN SPANISH: PRETERIT, PAST SIMPLE here:

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Watch and learn more verbs and learn to conjugate them with the following videos:

Spanish Verbs that belong to the first conjugation that end with AR in present, past, future:

Spanish Verbs that belong to the second conjugation that end with ER in present, past, future:

Spanish Verbs that belong to the second conjugation that end with IR in present, past, future:

I also have lessons about many useful Spanish verbs. Here is the playlist:

Do not forget to review my lessons about topics such as the Spanish alphabet, Spanish sounds and pronunciation, Spanish vocabulary, Spanish verbs, and Spanish tenses like past vs imperfect in Spanish, and more complicated Spanish topics like direct and indirect objects in Spanish such as “lo” in Spanish, “se” in Spanish, “ya” in Spanish. Learn Spanish for your everyday life here at Butterfly Spanish. Browse my channel and see what you need to learn. I make my videos with love, care, and knowledge, and my goal is that what you did not know yesterday you know today, that what you thought was complicated, is not, and that you know much more Spanish today after watching my videos, and that they make you feel more confident and positive: https://www.youtube.com/butterflyspanish

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