Learn Spanish: 5 Beginner Spanish Videos You Must Watch

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This video is for you because we will help you improving your Spanish skills!

You’ve decided to start learning Spanish, so let’s get you speaking like a Spanish native speaker! In this video, you’ll discover our most popular lessons ever. If you want to start learning Spanish, this video is made for you. Our host express themselves in simple Spanish, with subtitles. This video will challenge different set of skills such as listening or reading, and help you progress in your Spanish study.

This is the fastest, easiest way to pick up basic Spanish!

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Rocket Languages – Is it the Best Way to Learn a Language?

If you are tired of using the same old and uninteresting drills that come with studying a language and are prepared to add some fun an excitement into your routine, then Rocket Languages is for you. This brand new technique of learning a second language allows the individual to retain the language quicker, and also remember more of what they learned.

Mauricio Evlampieff of Rocket Spanish is a Good Teacher

Anyone who has taken the Rocket Spanish is well acquainted with Mauricio Evlampieff. Were he to walk into a crowded room most of the adults who spent so much time with Mauricio online would recognize him as their Spanish teacher. No doubt, they would also recognize Amy Waterman who is also a teacher for the Rocket Spanish online lesson presentations. It is much easier to learn with Rocket Spanish because you are listening to and seeing two caring adults who want to make your learning experience fun and worthwhile.

Spanish Bingo Cards

Many of us think of bingo as a game mostly played as a social activity. However, modified versions of the game are also being used in many school and educational environments. Teachers and educators have found that because bingo is such a simple game, it is also very flexible, and thus can be easily modified to be used as teaching tool for a variety of subjects, including reading, English, math, and learning languages such as Spanish.

French Bingo Cards

Most people tend to think of bingo as principally a social and leisure activity. While this is true, it is also true that bingo can serve a serious purpose – as an educational tool. This is possible because bingo is simple and flexible game, and thus can easily be adapted by educators to be used as a classroom and teaching tool, both in K-12 education, and for older students. In fact, versions of bingo have been used in teaching a variety of subjects including English, math, and foreign languages.

Benefits of Learning a Language

Why should you learn a foreign language? For different purposes. Today, due to globalization and increase in travel, being fluent in another language is very beneficial.

Spanish Online Learning – 10 Top Tips to Teach Yourself

Learning Spanish online should be a joy. It can be done effectively, with pleasure and fairly fast. To help make sure that your learning is that way I’ve put together my top ten helpful tips to remember.

Just a Few Reasons Why It’s Important to Learn German Today

The German language is slowly gaining popularity as today’s top choice a foreign language people want to learn. This has become so ever since Germany became Europe’s top economic power in the automotive, research, IT, and tourist industry.

How to Select a Spanish Course

Spain is a great holiday destination, especially if you fancy learning the language while you’re visiting the country. Not only are there hundreds of Spanish schools in Spain, the teaching quality is also uniformly excellent, which means the money you pay is very rarely wasted…

Vocabulary Resources Available

Today many people neglect their vocabulary as they do not see the need to improve it after leaving the comfort of formal education. For those who do wish to improve their vocabulary there is a wealth of vocabulary resources available.

The GRE Vocabulary Test

The GRE stands for “Graduate Record Examination” and is a commercially run test used in many English speaking countries, but mainly in the United States of America. The idea behind the test is to test a person’s abstract thinking when it comes to mathematics, vocabulary, and analytical writing.

How Important is Intonation in Regards to Accent Neutralization?

The answer to this question is plain and simple: very, if not the most important thing. You see, English is a stressed language as opposed to others that are considered syllabic languages. It means that stress is what carries most of the meaning in spoken language, rather than syllables. There is a very practical way of getting to understand this. Get hold of any phonetic transcript, that is to say, check a phonetic book, where you may find a whole paragraph or even longer extensions transcribed into the International Phonetic Alphabet. If you could lay your hands on a tape with the oral version of the text in question, so much the better.

Five Tricks to Achieve Accent Neutralization

Planning to take an MBA? Moving to a new country or just getting ready to do some tourism, while you improve your English and get a grasp of the idiosyncrasy of the country? But, before packing your bags, here are some tips that are going to help you sound like a true American as soon as you get off the plane.

What’s the Trick to Teaching Vocabulary to English Language Learners?

Teachers of ELLs need to constantly ensure that they are enforcing the reading skills of a read-aloud or any reading text by teaching new words. To help ELLs succeed with learning new words, teachers should focus on the four stages of teaching and acquisition.

Learn Spanish Easy and Fast – Ole!

Spanish is a language spoken by over 400 million people worldwide. Learning Spanish need not be a difficult task. In fact, you can even learn to speak fluent Spanish from the comfort of your own home! Find out what are your options for learning this useful language…

Alpha Beta

This is a journey across languages along the bumpy road of speech and spelling with discoveries to save English from Babbles of Babel. Discordance of spelling and pronunciation caused much irritation among great authors. Spelling reforms of American English angered Mark Twain.

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