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This video is a compilation of our full Spanish learning course. You will learn Spanish in a very natural way with the help of several conversations that are very common in daily life. Before each conversation, you will start by learning 10 to 12 words (or phrases) that will help you understand the next conversation.

00:00 Meeting a Stranger
07:48 Meeting a Friend
15:04 Talking About Family
22:17 Weather Talk
28:46 Restaurant
35:47 Business Meeting
41:51 Directions
49:28 Taking a Taxi
56:41 Arriving at the Hotel
1:03:11 Full Spanish Course

Improve Your Language Learning Skills

This article tries to dispel some of the myths surrounding learning a language and aims to give confidence to anyone wishing to take up a new language. It offers some practical advice on starting with the challenge.

Raw Machine Translation Is Not Good Enough for Post-Editing

Machine translation post-editing can speed up translators’ work but raw machine translation is rarely good enough for it. Language professionals need to find other solutions for efficient post-editing.

Significance Of Translation Services In The Field Of Medicine

In the health care business, even a single error in interpreting or relaying instructions means aggravation of the patient’s condition. The worst is when there is a loss of human life due to silly mistakes in translation of a medical instruction or document. It shows how significant are the services for translation in the field of medicine. Professional medical translators understand the importance of proper documentation, as it involves saving lives by treating illnesses.

Reasons to Learn French

The French language is a very popular language in the World today. The language is spoken in more places than you might have thought, and is useful to learn not only for its romantic reputation and for ordering at French restaurants, but for more practical reasons as well.

Problems Which Can Occur Due To Bad Translation

The most basic form and reason of misunderstanding, is not able to understand what the other person is saying. Even, if you understand the word, then you do not understand the meaning sometimes. This creates confusion and even a rift between two people or their thinking. The communication comes to a standstill or becomes bitter. Either it loses its impact or it misleads one person into thinking or doing something that the other person supposedly said to him. This is an ineffective communication and it happens all the time around us. These same problems apply in the written world too, when you read a work that has been translated from one language to another. The further problem is that, in this case, the reader cannot come straight to the translator and demand an explanation or to express his confusion.

Using Board Games to Learn Spanish

Learning the Spanish language can be fun. People can make use of the usual board games to play with others at home with their families or with their friends. Those who enjoy what they are doing may learn faster as they are able to expand their vocabulary with Spanish words more quickly.

Global English: Take the Mystery Out of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

This article exposes myths and misunderstandings of what it takes to be a teacher to English language learners.The English language has become a commodity throughout the world, yet there is a shroud around the manner in which it can be or should be taught and who can teach it. What is not widely known is that nearly anyone with a passion for helping people can teach English on some level provided he or she knows English functionally, and note that I did not say perfectly or expertly.

Why To Get All Legal Documents Translated Professionally?

Owing to the growing need to interact with global audience, several businesses based in different countries need professional translators to convert their offer documents so that the same can be understood globally. Business translation projects cannot be handled by the company itself as the foreign language barrier will be an issue when converting documents. Due to this, all such projects must only be assigned to translation professionals. However, if the job requires translating legal documents, one needs to check for expert and specialized legal translators.

Guide To Purchasing Online Spanish Programs

Are you interested in learning Spanish? This article gives an overview of the top things you should take into consideration when evaluating the alternatives for at home Spanish courses.

Ghana Life: Greetings And The Weather

It is often said that strangers meeting in England invariably talk about the weather, and this is attributed to the speed at which the weather can change and the tendency for any clear blue skies to be rapidly swept away by cold winds and rain. There is also the perpetual succession of the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, that are eagerly anticipated, endured with stoicism and reported with surprise at their infinite capacity to disappoint. Compared to England, Ghana has weather that seems to vary very little day on day, and the seasons are defined principally by the amount of rain that falls. In spite of this, the standard greetings still express a concern about the weather.

How Can I Learn English?

This article is about the best way to learn a language. It gives constructive advice about the most effective way to improve your English.

Best Way To Learn A New Language

You can learn a language in different ways. Some swear by the immersion method, while others believe in traditional classroom methods. Researchers have found conflicting results, with some successes being found on all sides. This debate has found itself in language learning software as well. Rosetta Stone, for example, is based on the immersion method, while Fluenz and Rocket Languages, for example, are based on innovations on the traditional teaching methods. You should find out which teaching philosophy suits your learning style best, and choose your language learning software appropriately.

Teaching Foreign Languages in the Context of Information and Communication Technologies

The present article is about the use of ICT in the process of teaching foreign languages at Russian Universities. Teaching foreign languages should always be a creative process. We are constantly tapping into new ideas, monitoring trends, pursuing best practices and researching the latest developments concerning the use of information technologies in our teaching practice. Generally speaking technology can be used in order to acquire necessary digital skills, enhance access for learning, engage learners and enable students to learn regardless of their location.

Learning to Speak Spanish Better

People who would like to learn how to speak Spanish better may be able to do it easily. They have to practice whatever they have learned. They may be able to become better speakers of this language in no time if they can find a Spanish- speaking friend who would like to talk to them everyday.

Getting Your Elementary or Middle School Aged Children Started Learning Spanish

Learn how you can get your children, grades 3-8, started learning Spanish whether you know Spanish or not. Find out the basics on the language learning process, how to choose a product to use, and how to schedule your time.

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