Learn Spanish: ALL about the Mexican word “WEY” (“güey”)

I will teach you the word “wey” or “güey”, very common in the Spanish in Mexico. You probably, at some point, have heard somebody Mexican said “wey”. It is a controversial term in Mexico. Different people will give you different opinions about this word. Some will say it is low, some will say it is normal, some will say it is rude, some will say it is horrific, some will say I use it and I do not care. I made a class for you to give you a perspective about this abundant term in Mexican Spanish. I do not particularly want you to use it, and you will learn why in my video. I want you to have an informed opinion about the word and know why we use it, its origins, and its folklore.

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In this playlist you can learn real-life Spanish words and expressions:

00:00 Introduction
01:19 What is “wey” in Mexico?
02:50 Who says “wey” in México?
04:27 What is “órale” in Spanish?
07:27 History of the word “wey” in Spanish
11:45 Expressions with the word “wey”
13:40 Reading “wey” in a real-life text message.

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