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You’ve decided to start learning Spanish, so let’s get you on the path to fluency! In this video, we’ll give you a collection of the most useful Spanish words and phrases for getting work done in Spanish. If you are an intermediate Spanish learner with clients, coworkers or professional contacts in Spain or another Spanish speaking country, this video is made for you. Our host expresses herself in simple Spanish, with English subtitles. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your Spanish study. This is THE place to take your Spanish vocab to the next level!

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Should I Learn American or British English?

An article that answers the common question of which is best to learn American or British English. The main differences of spelling and vocabulary are highlighted.

Learn Spanish – Why?

The Spanish language itself has an estimated 405,000,000 native speakers. It is the third spoken language around the world after Mandarin Chinese and English. It is a language not only spoken in Spain, but also in 43 other countries.

Learn French – Why?

French is classed as a romance language originating from Latin and evolving from various dialects spoken in Northern France. However, it was not until 1539 that French became the official language of France in terms of government administration and legal proceedings which had previously been using Latin.

Learn Russian in Time for Valentine’s Day

The Russian language is one of the most prominent languages in the world. It has this distinct style and whenever a person speaks Russian, they sound like they are in control and powerful. The Russian language can also sound very sexy and romantic. With the right mix of Russian phrases and love quotes, you can impress your special someone, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

5 Ways of Breaking Free From Language Learning Challenges

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably came across a lot of negative thoughts regarding learning a new language. It can seem a bit daunting the thought of starting all over again after just having mastered English as a native speaker, right? I got some news for you. You’re not alone. Experience is a valuable tool. And I am here to share mine with you.

Learning Chinese Now Easier Than Ever

A study showing feasibility of learning Chinese online. Comparison of traditional style verses online learning.

Language Input and Output

How to learn Mandarin Chinese effectively is about how to balance input and output. The basic input is sounds, words, patterns, meanings, sentences, or conversations, stories, etc.

Expertise And Cost, How To Hire A Professional Arabic Translator?

With the advent in technology, it became theoretically possible for anyone to claim being a professional translator, produce a sound resume, or even ask somebody else to do it for them. Suggesting a low rate may encourage companies looking for a good profit margin to take them. For project managers, not knowing Arabic very well is one reason which helps such low profile translators go unchecked.

Native Speaker Search – How to Find a Native Speaker Near You

The article provides advice for people who want to start learning or improve their foreign language skills by learning and practicing with a Native Speaker. The article will include the more – and less popular ways of finding Native Speakers – be it for personal learning, in-company training, translation, government or NGO purposes.

Life’s Languages

“Life’s languages” is about our everyday way of communicating and how it affects us. Hear from author Daniel Baker’s perspective on linguistics as a form of communication and gain a broader appreciation for linguistics.

Spanish Lesson On The Subjunctive – The Nosotros Form

This lesson will be about a very specific subject. It is about the form “Nosotros” in Imperative and in the Subjunctive (Present Tense). This is a topic that confuses a lot of Spanish students. Let’s start with the grammar, and remember that for the Imperative and Subjunctive it is the same form.

The Relatives Pronouns In Spanish

The Relatives are pronouns used to link two ideas. Here we have a list of them: QUE: It is usually used with a preposition; in that case, we need to add an article between the Relative and the preposition. These articles agree in number and gender with the subject.

Ser And Estar For Advanced Students

The difference between Ser and Estar is, even for advanced students, a headache. In this lesson we are going to take a look at SER and ESTAR in more advanced situations.

5 Common Problems When Learning Mandarin

Learning a second language is always difficult for adults. And Mandarin is considered to be one of the most difficult languages. To learn Mandarin well is first to understand the potential problems.

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When you teach English overseas, it’s obvious what your student will learn… English. But what do you learn from the experience? How does teaching English abroad often change a person’s life, and their outlook on life in general? This insider article gives an overview of what you could learn from the experience.

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