Learn Spanish in 10 Minutes – ALL the Basics You Need

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In this video, you’ll get started with Spanish. You will discover the key points of Spanish Grammar! This is THE place to start if you want to start learning Spanish.

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How Certified Translation Services Help Your Business to Grow in European Countries

Globalisation has opened doors to international markets, and today India is not only the fastest growing market globally but is a strategic partner for the European Union committing to increasing bilateral trade and investment in the Free Trade Agreement negotiations which began in 2007. Further, the European Union is India’s number one trading partner today. The values of EU exports to India have grown to approximately 38 billion Euro while the imports are about 40 billion Euro

Improve Your General Knowledge With Flags of the World Flashcards

Students strive hard to get the best education from an efficient educator. That’s the reason teachers across the world try their best to make the entire process interesting, engaging, and exciting.

Tips On How To Easily Learn A Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language not only opens many job doors for you and makes you feel good about yourself, it also makes you look sophisticated. While many people find it hard to learn a second language, there are some that fluently speak up to 10 different languages. If you would be interested in learning an additional language, here are tips you should follow:

How To Learn A New Language Using Your Favorite Book

Here’s a quick tip how I intuitively picked up, that can help you quickly pick up and adapt a new language for the conversational purposes. In order to start mastering a language you’re trying to learn, you must read and write in that language. But the funny thing is, most of us learn new languages to be able to speak it. That’s how babies learn to speak a language also, by actually trying to speak.

Why Polish Is a Difficult Language to Learn

As global business expands, there is an increasing need to communicate. This not only requires language skills but also the knowledge of the cultural, economic and legal methodology of the foreign country. This is where a language translator comes in handy, one who is well-versed in the nuances of the country in question.

5 Reasons Why the Japanese Language Is Difficult for Foreigners

Everything said and learnt; certain languages are still extraordinarily tough when a native English speaker is confronting them. That should explain why in a list created by the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) about the approximate time needed to learn a specific language as an English speaker, Japanese falls in a different bracket of complexity and time altogether. Comes with some asterisks and turns out as more difficult for native English speakers to learn when compared to other languages in the same category.

How Can I Improve Grammar and Writing in English?

English is one of the most spoken languages all over the world and with the increasing business process outsourcing; it has become one of the necessary aspects to run any business globally. In most of the cases, people think that they are using the right grammar while speaking and writing in this language, but there are many errors that they end up making while using the English language.

Increase Customer Engagement With Translation Websites

In today’s era, Globalization is a true phenomenon. Every commodity and service can be made available to someone living in any part of the world. You might be driving a car from Japan, eating Italian food for lunch and laughing over US sitcoms on Netflix.

China: Language Is Not The Great Wall

History repeats itself. Every few centuries the Atlas gets a new twist as new political and trade contours redefine the geography that was in existence earlier. The countries that we know of now may not even have emerged during the generations of our ancestors. Power-structures, resource-dynamics, sea-routes and communication modes have kept changing throughout history’s long timeline. But one thing has stayed immutable through all these shifts: the amazing ability of merchants to adapt and lead to a new world order.

What 5 Things To Know About Hebrew Alphabet Flashcards

Learning a new language is fun and exciting at the same time. You are likely to come across alphabets, which are completely different from what you have learned so far. Moreover, the changes in pronunciation and their placements are some of the other features, which you need to be acquainted with first.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Greek Alphabet Flashcards

You might be wondering about trying your hands to learn Koine Greek Alphabet. Well, it’s true that it’s not some language which people generally world like to learn. But there’s nothing wrong in being different, isn’t it?

Legal and Certified Translation: Tools for Global Expansion

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­With businesses going global, they need reams of business agreements, contracts and certificates in multiple languages. In practical terms, when a company goes global, each of its departments goes global too.

Why Do You Need Professional Translation Services?

With the rise of the Digital revolution, having a website for even a small business is critical. And what good is a website if you don’t have the right traffic to the website? Localization is the key here and it will help in driving massive traffic.

Two for One: How Foreign Language Training Can Help You Gain and Retain Clients

How teaching your employees foreign languages helps not only them, but your business as well! A 2-for-1 deal!

Top 5 Best Practices Working With Medical Interpreters

In today’s world where job specialization has taken precedence over all else, medical interpreters serve an important purpose at hospitals. A medical interpreter provides the support between the patient and the healthcare provider when the patient is unable to communicate in the same language as the health care provider.

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