Learn Spanish in Three Minutes – Numbers 1-10

Finally Get Fluent in Spanish with PERSONALIZED Lessons. Get Your Free Lifetime Account: https://goo.gl/j4f8Hx

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to count from 1-10 in Spanish.

Finally Get Fluent in Spanish with PERSONALIZED Lessons. Get Your Free Lifetime Account: https://goo.gl/j4f8Hx

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Why You Should Start Learning A Foreign Language

Have you been planning to learn a foreign language? You should start learning now. Here are some of the reasons why you should do it: Most languages aren’t hard If you ask many people why they don’t want to learn a foreign language, they will tell you that it’s hard. The truth is that these are mere excuses. Whether you want to learn English, Spanish, Chinese, or any other language, you can learn it. It’s often said that the biggest enemy is your mind. If you conquer your brain and you direct it towards learning the language, you will definitely do it.

Applied Presentation – Practice – Production (PPP) As an Approach in Teaching Grammar

There are several worldwide instructive approaches introduced by expert language proponents for language teaching. Presentation- Practice -Production (PPP) is one among the widely-used methods for grammar instructions. It is a traditional approach but its employment shouldn’t be taken for granted; careful planning is needed for its expediency. Its rudiments direct teachers to enable learning by stimulating learners’ ascending thinking levels through lessons’ well- defined objectives while they are entrenched in its three stages.

Break the Online Language Barrier With the Video Language Translator

Over 70% of the world’s Internet users do not speak English and these non-English Internet users are taking to the Internet faster than the English speakers. On the one hand, these statistics are surprising, while on the other they present an opportunity which is being missed by most in the industry. With most content on the Internet still in English, there is a chance to reach a large growing Internet user base to pitch content and products. There is, therefore, a need to align the communication and marketing strategies to pitch to these new users. The ideal way to do so would be to make the existing video content comprehensible to this vast section of Internet users.

5 Tips To Learn The Chinese Language

Have you been looking for a way to learn the Chinese language as fast as possible? If so, we suggest that you follow the 5 tips given below. Read on.

How Being Multilingual Changed My Life

Learning a second language gave me the opportunity to make the most out of my youth. From traveling and experiencing other cultures to landing job interviews. Living abroad isn’t so difficult when you can speak the language.

How Spanish Translation Services Can Help Your Business Grow

Markets are expanding globally leading to economic benefits for all concerned. Governments are signing bilateral trade agreements advantageous for their people. As business investments are growing between countries of different languages and cultures, there is an increasing need for translation services. Spain is the 7th largest trading partner, from the European Union, in India. This is creating a need for Spanish Translation Services; to understand and translate not only business documents but also legal contracts, financial statements, etc.

Are Polish Words Unpronounceable?

It is the singular form of an adjective meaning, roughly speaking, “of nine-hundred and ninety-nine nationalities”! Of course, a 54 letter-word is difficult in any language. After all, when Mary Poppins said (in English) “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, who thought that it was easy?

Should The Teaching of French Be Compulsory in Educational Institutions in Ghana?

There are concerns raised by agencies and institutions of education as well as well-meaning organizations on the need to make the teaching and learning of the French subject compulsory in the various educational institutions in Ghana, especially at the Primary and Senior High school levels. The strategic location of Ghana on the African continent is often cited by many of these advocates for the compulsory introduction of the French subject in educational institutions in Ghana. The neighboring countries that share close boundaries with Ghana are largely francophone countries, thus, Togo, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso. Therefore, to enhance bilateral relations and social interactions, advocates argue for the compulsory learning of the French language which is the primary means of interaction with members of these countries.

Fluency – Discovering a New World

Being fluent in a foreign language is a journey that begins when we recognize the importance of becoming global citizens. Therefore, it cause an incomparable impact on our lives.

Saying Hola in the Right Language

Spain is one of the most fitting locations to reflect on International economic developments, given its spectacular embrace of the global economy over the past few decades, and its remarkable political transformation-allowing it to assume its rightful place among the leading democratic nations.” When Eduardo Aninat, Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund said these powerful words in 2001, Spain was being illuminated under a global spotlight with a new vigour.

Generating Integrative Linguistic Skills From Film Loglines

Log line is typically a one-sentence synopsis of a motion picture or book that stresses the main conflicts among characters in the films’ scripts. Log lines can possibly serve to stimulate readers’ interests regarding the films. Log line is one unseen component of films that can be incorporated to worth digesting pedagogical activities from an innovative teacher. As perceived by the writer, log lines can be employed specifically in integrating language skills such as vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing and speaking. In the case of log lines that bear posters with images, they may further incorporate the role of the viewing skills.

Ten Tips To Learn Foreign Languages Quickly

10 Tips to learn foreign Languages quickly. The most popular foreign languages in the world are English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Chinese. so, if you would like to learn foreign languages quickly, follow these tips.

What Is It Like Teaching Abroad As A Certified TEFL Teacher?

Are you thinking about teaching English abroad as a certified TEFL Teacher? The simple thought of traveling abroad alone among strangers and foreigners can be scary for many people.

Translating Words With Multiple Meanings

You can crash an automobile, the Stock Market, a party you were not invited to or cymbals together to make a sound. You can describe a flowering plant as a noxious weed or a more-desirable garden flower. Maybe that plant is yellow, but your hair is blonde. You can create, but what do you mean when you use create? Are you building, constructing, erecting, composing or imagining? When you are using the word human, are you talking about a male, female, child, adult, bachelor, father mother, sister? Are you taking your money to the bank or sitting on the bank of a river? If you use the seemingly simple word “on,” how shall you use it? Is it a preposition? Is it on top or on the table? Perhaps it’s an adverb where you put your shoes on? Or an adjective when you are putting the game on in 20 minutes? The list is quite long for such a tiny word; you can be on call, on the roof, on cloud nine, on edge, on fire, on purpose or on the phone. So many meanings, so little time, so many ways translation can go awry…

Translation and Interpretation Services – Two Sides of the Same Coin

If you have ever spoken to someone over a bad telephone line or a mobile phone connection ridden by static and ghost voices, you will know how exasperating it can be. Communication needs to be clear and comprehensible.

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