Learn Spanish – Making Apologies

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My Tryst With Hindi

As a completely undistinguished student during my academic years, I have contributed significantly to the birth and growth of acidity, colitis and other anxiety related ailments that my mother currently suffers from. It is not as if, my other parent – my father – was satisfied with the contents of my progress report card – it was just that he was more spiritual and believed that everyone found their strengths in life sooner or later and had reconciled to the fact that I would find mine much, much later in life. Age is a great equalizer and in my 40s, I can now have enriching conversations with my parents about topics that were until then not only difficult to broach but also always ended with emotional outbursts on my part and / or serious reprimand on theirs. Their weaknesses, their unfairness to me (or my perception of it), human anatomy and physiology (from appreciative, generic and medical points of view), relationships (theirs and mine with our respective spouses, siblings etc), my issues with my BMI, my laizez-faire outlook to life and my much-to-be-desired performance during my student years – all hitherto taboo topics were now open for…

Translation In a Globalized Market

To understand the role and importance of the process of translation with respect to a globalized world with free market economy in most of the countries in the world, it is important that we understand translation along with its subsidiary processes, like interpretation and language localisation. What exactly is translation and how does it help build bridges between markets from different parts of the world?

How to Avoid Embarrassing Chinese to English Translation Errors

China, the 2nd largest country in the world, is certainly a fascinating country to visit. Steeped in history, you can experience first as well as exciting modern cities to explore. But the one thing which will leave you confused is the signs with literal translations. Causing laughter, and leaving lasting impressions, they may sometimes make it difficult for you to find your way around the country.

Top 10 Career Options For French Professionals

Learning a foreign language is always helping you and open the doors to job opportunities. Here, I discuss top 10 Career options after learning the French Language.

How to Get the Video Game Localization Spot on in Today’s World?

Video games have gone from impersonal dotted monsters to very life like experiences with background stories for the characters. They also involve more human faculties than just the digits on the hands. Video game studios now sell games which are concept based rather than those which mainly included beating the monster to a pulp!

5 Ways Flags of the World Flashcards Will Help You Get More Business

There is no dispute to the fact that flash cards are the most efficient way of learning anything. This can range from learning foreign languages with their alphabets and corresponding meanings or picture flashcards. The best part is that all of it is very pictographic.

Why Your Business Website Needs to Have a Portuguese Translation Option

Globalization, bilateral trade agreements, and opening of business corridors have brought the world closer and just a click away. But if you think having a website with English content will open the doors of the expanding international market for you, think again.

Do You Know Why English Has Attained the Status of International Language?

Most of you must agree to the fact that wherever you move around the globe, you will surely find someone who knows English. Isn’t it? Because of the growing dominance of the dialect around the world, the need for learning the same gets intense. Hence, it is necessary to communicate successfully in the global context.

Be a Master Of Languages

Mastery over a language is one of greatest assets that one can ever have. Many people have the passion of learning many languages and they don’t only learn it but they also excel in it. The concept of language evolved from gestures of the hand and other signs that people used to communicate with each other.

German – The 11th Most Spoken Language In Europe

Learning all the languages that we have is almost impossible due to the fact that there are over 2700 languages in the world and over 7000 different dialects. Chinese, Hindi, English and Spanish are some of the most widely spoken languages; however, even these languages have so many dialects that when two people who know the same language find it difficult to understand each other just due to the dialects that they use.

PTE Academic Test and IELTS Similarities

There exist a lot of difference between the test patterns and formats of both the IELTS and PTE Academic test. But there are certain similarities noticeable. Firstly both are standardised language tests conducted to test the language abilities of prospective candidates who are willing to pursue a career abroad.

Identifying Flags of the US States Made Easy With the Flashcards

A deck of flash card is an excellent tool for students trying to acquire knowledge about the geography and administration of a place. It is the perfect way of learning for beginners to have an in-depth knowledge about the flags of the different states within the country.

Why Don’t More Agencies Have in-House Translators?

As businesses continue to expand globally; technical, marketing and commercial trade agreements are being signed between countries which speak different languages. This calls for translation of documents like legal papers, trade agreements, commercial invoices, etc. Several translation agencies now provide efficient translation services to such companies. But why don’t more agencies employ in-house translators? Well, the reasons not only make commercial sense but are related to accuracy and skill.

The Best Way to Learn English for TEFL Students and Others

Countless young people, as well as people of all ages, currently study English in order to be able to communicate internationally. Knowing how to communicate well in the English language has its perks. Not only does it enable learners to make friends, but they can also do research, find jobs, have fun, and make the world a better place in which to live. This article aims to provide English language learners (also known as ELLs) strategies for learning on their own in their free time. Moreover, the author seeks to assist teachers in their plight to give students valuable tips that are applicable to learning. The way that students can learn to speak English effectively is an excellent topic for classroom discussion.

The Spirit of the Universe and The Origin of the Letter [J]

The Importance of letters in understanding the past came up in the research to expose the roots of religion and language. This is what was shown to me to do when it commissioned the job ahead. Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to it the learning curve that followed was extensive and it took me to the depth of knowledge.

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