Learn Spanish – Spanish Fruit Vocabulary

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In this Spanish lesson you’ll learn the vocabulary for fruits in Spanish: watermelon, peach, strawberry, apple, banana, orange, mango, cherry, pineapple, and melon.
When you’re searching for something in a Spanish market in Madrid, know exactly what to ask for!

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Language – The Core of Science

This article studies the relation between language and science. Treating written language as independent visual information and capable of forming part of science, we analyze the commonality between key properties of science and texts/reading, and concluded that written language is the core of science, with the emphasis that texts build a scientific foundation in the mind.

Mistakes You Need To Avoid To Progress In Your English Classes

Have you been feeling down because you have been going to your English classes diligently yet you feel like your progress isn’t up to par with your peers? While it is true that there are some people who seem to be quite gifted in languages and appear to acquire new ones with great ease, bridging the gap isn’t really that hard. Simply by working harder and smarter as well as avoiding the following list of mistakes to avoid, improvement in your English proficiency will surely show up.

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There is a saying in Tamil that was quoted by the famous Tamil Poet Avvaiyar, Chithiramum Kai Pazhakkam Senthamizhum Naapazhakkam, which means that the finest art is the practice of the hand; the eloquence in Tamil literature is the practice of the tongue. This is true with any language. The more you practice speaking a language, the sooner you will be able to master it. This is particularly true with this ancient language, Tamil. Here are a few effective ways in which you can easily learn to speak and write in Tamil.

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Planning to develop your business in different geographical locations? While it may give you a great sense of satisfaction to see your business expand, you must be prepared to face the challenges that come with this as well. One of the first and foremost challenges that you need to face is language. For example, if you want to establish your site or business in a particular country, you should ensure that your values, objectives, and mission are clearly understood by the people living there so that they trust you. To ensure that your values go out in different languages in the most undiluted form, you need the services of a professional translation company. Choose these service providers with care, because a mistake that they make will directly influence your credibility. Keep the following points in mind when you choose professional translation services.

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Despite numerous advancements and examples, companies tend to forget that websites are not just a tick in their marketing or communication boxes. When they pick a translation agency they should consider website translation service with the focus and unique treatment it direly needs.

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Teaching EFL/ESL jobs are abundant in Thailand. You only require the desired skill and an international TEFL certification.

Pardon My French

When I was young, a saying went around, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words/names will never hurt me.” Supposedly it was to make me ignore people saying nasty things about me. For the most part, I am not too impressed by the words/names people throw my direction, but I do duck when they throw sticks and stones at me. I ducked most of them. It is not the sticks and stones that I duck that I worry about; it is the ones that I don’t duck.

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Trusting your document to be translated can be difficult, especially when you don’t speak that language you are targeting with the translation. There are so many language translation services and if you are not careful you could end up hiring a translation agency that does not do justice to your document. Whether you are looking for medical, technical, financial or legal translation, you deserve professional translation services and a few tips can help you ensure that you get nothing short of quality and professionalism with the services.

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There are many people nowadays that claim that they are able to communicate competently only because they are able to speak English, Japanese, Indonesian well and when they can speak more than one language, they consider themselves to be competent speakers of the language(s) in terms of grammar of the language, vocabulary and pronunciation of the language, but I learn and observe but such skills are not enough to support the argument that they are communicatively competent just only by mastering the grammar of…

Top Amazing Facts About Spell Checker

Whether you wish to impress your employees, employer, business associates or loved ones, it is required to have in-depth knowledge of English.Gone are the days when this language was considered a business-language, now it has become part of our daily life.

ELT Foundation Activities in Googled Maps: A Contemporary Content-Based Language Teaching

A popular means of integrating instructions is the engagement of themes and content- based instructions. The overlying objective of this instruction is to promote students’ academic awareness and skills while they prepare and learn the intended language targets employed in the activities. Teachers dealing with second language learners must be specific in the conduct of these three lesson-planning components to attain output/s within a given time frame. The first is vocabulary contents which needs systematic activities for easy comprehension since second language learners often lack the basic and specialized vocabulary used in the academic passages. The second is prioritizing materials for the teacher to decide the key concept that should receive most attention since it is not always possible to cover all the materials within a particular time given for the conduct of lessons. It is also suggested that teachers integrate language focus at this stage. The third is the provision of schema -building activities.

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