Learn Spanish Tenses: Preterit (Past Simple) – What you need to know!

In this video I will teach you all you need to know about the past simple tense in Spanish, or “preterit”, or “pasado”, “pretérito indefinido”, as some call it. Don’t get confused with all these names, I will explain them to you. You will learn what the Spanish pretérito/past simple is, how we form it or conjugate it, and when and how we use it. This past tense in Spanish is one of the most important tenses you need to learn as a Spanish language student because otherwise you can’t talk about what you did yesterday, last year, last Sunday, etc. Imagine somebody is studying English and can’t yet say “I went to the store”, “I did my homework”, “I slept”. Well, it is the same in Spanish. We need it to express past specific actions that were done. The Spanish past simple, or Spanish preterit, is a time that you can set in the past clearly, sometimes with a beginning and end, it is a time that in your mind does not last, it is past that can be seen as steps in your life, and you in your life timeline you can set markers and see those events. So here you will learn the why, what, how, and when of the Spanish past simple, pretérito, or indefinido.

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