Learn Spanish – Thank You & You’re Welcome in Spanish

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In this lesson, you’ll learn how to say thank you politely in Spanish.


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4 Reasons to Make Use of a Translation Service

Any business looking to expand into a foreign market is likely to benefit from a translation service. While there are plenty of online or free services that can help to translate text into a foreign language, they can’t always be relied on to give anywhere near 100% accuracy.

How to Pass the IELTS

Learn how to get the highest score on the Cambridge IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Learn important test-taking skills and start practising to for the IELTS whenever possible. Study will normally take between 3-5 months if you are at a B2 level.

Latin: Reasons Why It Will Survive Another 100 Years

Despite being a dead language, existing beyond its shelf life, seeing the rise and fall of empires, setting foundation for today’s major languages, Latin still remains relevant in our cultural, political and social life. Like in Binomial Nomenclature which is used by scientists in naming of plants & animals borrows heavily from the Latin language. From educational institutions, military organizations, municipals and countries deriving their names, official motto’s & slogans from the language its effect is felt worldwide. This article strives in affirming why despite being a dead language its influence is still felt today and will survive for another hundred years

English – A Language Close to My Heart

English has always been a subject close to my heart! Even though I have no qualms in accepting that I never scored above 60% in the language in school. There is a funny notion in our heads; rather an assumption: if one speaks flawless English (any other language for that matter), we conveniently assume that the person would have scored really well on that language in school as well.

Why It’s Important to Translate the National Anthem Into Local Languages

Imagine then what a uniting factor it would be if all Ugandans were able to sing our national anthem correctly and in all our local languages.That would mean there would be no more fumbling at social or national events and at international events that Uganda participates in.

Reasons to Learn German – Why Learn German?

Germany’s economy has been growing rapidly, reaching far beyond the Rhine. Such growth has motivated the country into one of the world’s strongest economies. It’s in the top 10 for import and export partners for both the U.S. and the U.K.

Marked and Unmarked Terms in the English Language

Marked and unmarked terms are frequently being used in binary oppositions. It means that a term is not equal in its weight, but the one (unmarked) is neutral or more positive in contrast to the other term. As Geoffery leech observes, where there is a contrast between two or more terms, tenses or cases, one of them is marked if it have some extra ‘affix’ in contrast to the unmarked one which does not contain any marker

The Importance of Language in Modern Life

There is no denying the fact that languages are the integral part of the cultural richness of our society through which our fundamental rights to survive on earth are revitalized. It is obvious that learning languages contributes to mutual understanding, a sense of global citizenship and personal commitment.

Mother Language Day of Bangladesh

There is no denying the fact that languages are the integral part of the cultural richness of our society. It is obvious that learning languages contributes to mutual understanding, a sense of global citizenship and personal commitment. Students learn to appreciate different countries’ cultures, communities and people. By making comparisons, they gain insight into their own culture and society as a tentative flow.

The Benefits of Learning Indonesian

Over 200 million people live in Indonesia. Indonesia is such a huge market for any business. Indonesia will emerge as a force to be reckon with in Asia for the next few decades. It is important to understand Bahasa Indonesia when you do business in Indonesia.

Fit for Reading – The Cause of English Dominance

Colonization, advanced societies and power of its people had elevated English to a global language. Under these various covers, we reveal that the rudimentary cause for its dominance is the language itself – written English’s fitness for reading.

Why Language Translation Is Very Important for Africa

Due to businesses and services growing internationally and people globe-trotting with many checking out the African continent, there is the need to communicate which is not always easy as different regions speak different languages. Good thing there is a solution in form of language translation services exists and all one needs is to find a professional service provider. Reasons for Language translation services in Africa First and foremost have you looked at the number of languages that the African continent alone has?

Practicing a Language Online Has Never Been More Fun

As both media and communication move online, wonderful opportunities have opened to practice those foreign language skills. Watch movies, read books and practice with native speakers thanks to a few tech tools.

Benefits of Using Poetry in Language Learning

Educational benefits of using poetry Poetry could be used as a medium to teach language as it shows a path to teach basic language skills. Some of the educational benefits of using poetry are explained by Sarac: Different viewpoint for language: It broadens the seeing perspective of learner, as they begin to use language in a completely different way. The grammar used in poetry is different (it does not follow typical grammar rules) for example, incomplete sentences.

Popular Second Languages in Europe

Within the U.S., a growing number of people are beginning to speak more than one language.

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