Learn Spanish Verbs: DAR (to give) – conjugation & uses

I will teach you everything about the verb to give in Spanish: DAR. You will learn the conjugation in the main tenses, its uses, and I will help you memorize it all, so you improve your Spanish. The Spanish verb ‘dar’ is very short and yet does not fall short because it is very important. If you learn this verb you will notice that your Spanish speaking & comprehension skills will improve drastically. Though this verb ‘dar’ looks so little, it does have some complexities and irregularities that I will help you take by the horns and master. I am also short but that does not mean I am so simple, so I am just like the verb ‘dar’ in that sense. This video will really make a difference in your Spanish life. In fact, you will not only memorize and learn the uses, functions, and forms for this Spanish verb, you will also learn the common phrases, and the idioms that native Spanish speakers say using ‘dar’. Watch my video, and continue doing the work to learn another language. You will see that learning Spanish is a gratifying challenge that will make your days more fun than they already are.

Do you feel you are learning Spanish with my videos? Are my videos helping you improve your Spanish? Very good, because that is my goal. I do my videos with a lot of love and commitment. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I am helping people learn Spanish, and contributing to the spread of Spanish. So, I just wanted to ask you to please consider making a donation. It helps me to make more videos and live, and eat, and drink coffee, and help other people. Gracias 🙂

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Now, are you feeling very verby? Then learn more verbs to speak more in Spanish. The following is a playlist that contains a lot of verbs and conjugations:


If you feel more free today, then practice your Spanish listening & comprehension skills:

Saludos y abrazos de oso,
Ana :))

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