Learn Spanish Vocabulary: Understand the news about crime and corruption

Do you want to understand the news in Spanish? In this class, you will learn Spanish vocabulary, phrases, stories, verbs, and adjectives related to crime and corruption in México and América Latina. With this vocabulary, you will be able to listen to the news and podcasts in Spanish and read newspaper and magazine articles. We will learn from the simplest to the most sophisticated words of crime, from “ratero”, “asaltante”, “delincuente”, “mañoso”, hasta “narcotraficante”, “lavador de dinero”, “peculado”, “malversación”, etc. You will also learn what bandidos are and some historical details about words like “ratero” that relates so much to the animal “rat”. In our time, the words, phrases, sentences, verbs, and adjectives related to crime fills our newspapers, magazines, and our news feeds so learning this vocabulary is important because it will specifically help you understand any information that you come across in Spanish in everyday life.

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