Learn Spanish Vocabulary with OUINO™: Lesson #55 (Places)

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How to Learn Japanese Effectively With Textbooks and Blogs

There are usually two methods when it comes to learning Japanese. The first method, using textbooks. The second method is using online materials such as blogs. So, which method should I use?

The Shocking Truth About Spanish Language Programs Revealed

“Interaction” is a very trendy word used in the sales pitches of almost all language programs on the market today, and research mentions how crucial it is for language acquisition. So when language companies state that their program is interactive they are telling you the truth. In fact, almost all language programs are interactive.

A Career in British Sign Language Interpreting

The preferred language of many Deaf people is British Sign Language (BSL). BSL is a language in its own right, which is a separate and distinct from English. The language differs from English due to the grammatical structure; therefore English in a written form may not be understood by a person using BSL.

Speaking French: Tips on How to Improve Your French Pronunciation

Learning a foreign language is difficult enough without having to deal with pronunciation. It is not enough that you know the grammar and have a huge vocabulary. You must know how to “talk the talk” or how to say the words correctly and affect a French accent.

Start Learning Spanish by Reading This Rocket Spanish Review

This article covers the fundamentals that are found in Spanish software program called Rocket Spanish. This software program has been designed to teach individuals Spanish in as little as 60 days.

English Grammar: Two, To, and Too

Have you read an email, magazine article, or newspaper recently that was grammatically incorrect in the use of the words: “two”, “to”, and “too”? Unfortunately it appears to be happening more frequently. But how can it, if we have spell check? AHA! Here’s the how and why this error happens.

Language Barriers to Thought – Is Your Native Tongue Holding You Back?

The other day, I was reading a very interesting piece in the New York Times by a professor of language who stated that in actuality the language one speaks is not a barrier to the way that they think, and that all humans have similar structures of their brain, and left to their own devices will come up with similar observations because they have the same sensors or five senses, and it wouldn’t matter which language they use to communicate amongst themselves. Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we? There is a branch of…

The Classic Gangster Slangs

Roaring 20s mobster and flapper celebrations are common and entertaining. They provide an opportunity to dress up in gorgeous trends from the 20s, experience again the risk and dilemma of bootlegging and speakeasies, and commemorate a period of new found independence and excess. However in case you wish to add much more genuineness to your up coming get together; study a few slangs from that fantastic decade and blend it into your celebration discussion!

The Difference Between Que And Cual/Cuales In Spanish

The difference between Que and Cual in Spanish is usually an issue of concern to students of Spanish whose native language is English and who can’t do a literal translation into their own language. In this lesson we will take a look at the differences between the two words.

Thinking About Becoming A Spanish Interpreter? Choose Your Dialect First!

Is there a purest Spanish amongst all the different shades of Spanish spoken in the world? What is the difference between Spanish and Castilian? Which one is really the best Spanish above all the variations we can find between Spain and Latin America?

Polish Language Under the Microscope – Some Translation Tips!

The Polish language is considered one of medium difficulty to learn from English, with good reason! However, with a base of 40 million speakers and being the second most popular East Slavic language after Russian it seems to be very widely spoken indeed, hence the strong demand for Polish interpreting services!

Simultaneous Translation – Full Speed Ahead!

Translation can be such a tricky Endeavour, and speed is not always of the utmost importance when it comes to matters such as these. Language is the code of custom, of distinct social behaviours and conducts that caution has to be exercised to prevent being lost in translation! So can websites such as Google Translate be the best solution?

5 Reasons Why Website Translation Is Important

A solid web presence is favorable for every business. But can your website catch the interest of the audience overseas? With technological innovations, businesses have gone through major transitions and business owners have continually applied marketing ideas that can grab the attention of the most number of customers. Furthermore, the lush international market requires businesses to look past national boundaries if they want their business to grow.

Having the Right Mindset to Learn Spanish Quickly

Many of us, in a hurry to learn Spanish, either concentrate on shortcuts or depend heavily on study materials. What we fail to realize is that the right learning resources constitute only a part of the whole learning process. Having the right mindset and approach forms the base for an effective and results-oriented learning process. Most importantly, having the correct mindset is totally dependent on the learner himself and not on a tutor or learning structure.

Predicting Conversation Degeneration of Chatbot Dialogue In Online Intelligence Gathering

The other day, I was reviewing a bunch of research papers from some computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University. They had been working with advanced algorithms for chat bots, with the intention of being able to fool humans on Internet forums to assuming that the chatbot was actually another human that they were talking to. If they were able to do this, in essence they would have passed the Turing Test.

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