Learn Spanish: When to use SER — SOY, ERES, ES, SOMOS, SON

In this Spanish lesson, you will learn the most important ways to use the verb “ser”: soy, eres, es, somos, son. You will learn when to always use “ser”, and when to never use “ser”, which will help you to avoid making mistakes that some people drag for years. This lesson will enable you to become a fluent Spanish speaker but also an accurate Spanish speaker. If you are a person who is starting learning Spanish, this lesson will be key to your learning. If you are a student who has already made progress in learning Spanish, this lesson is crucial to review the basics and have them cemented in your learning. Learning well the basics of a language will really make the road of learning easier to navigate. I guarantee it. Take ownership of your Spanish learning and do not wait until you forget. Let go of your Spanish fears. Though you should still fear some Spanish things like the flu.

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Everyday Spanish
Spanish alphabet
Spanish vocabulary
Spanish tenses: Spanish present, Spanish past, Spanish imperfect, Spanish subjunctive,
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Saludos y abrazos de oso 🙂

00:00 Introduction
01:12 Soy + name
01:19 Soy + nationality
01:54 Soy + profession
02:26 Soy + everlasting quality
03:19 Soy + qualities in general
04:12 Soy + marital status
05:19 Ser in common phrases
07:59 Verb “ser” in common Spanish expressions
09:12 What is “o sea” in Spanish?
11:49 Es for usted, ella, él. “Son” for ustedes, ellas & ellos.
15:15 Review the uses of the verb “ser”
15:50 Soy + religion
16:15 Soy rubia or “Soy una rubia”?
16:26 Soy mujer or “Soy una mujer?
16:51 Conclusion

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