Learn Spanish while driving ADVANCED: 300 conversation phrases in advanced Spanish

Learn Spanish while driving (advanced level), working or exercising! Advanced Spanish conversation practice for English speakers.

This video features 300 conversation phrases in advanced Spanish that you can learn while driving. These phrases are very useful and common, so if you learn to use them, that will be really great :))

Learning Spanish at an advanced level can be tricky, but if you listen to some useful Spanish audio every day, you will progress really fast.

English for Managers: How to Use Small Talk to Build Your Business Network

Networking is essential for success in business. When meeting someone for the first time, you need to know how to make conversation. This is called small talk. If you are a manager and learning English to be used in your job, you need to learn how to make small talk.

English For Managers: Learn to Make Great Short Presentations

In business it is necessary for a manager to make brief presentations all the timed. If you are non-native speaker of English it is important to learn how to do this task well for your career advancement. A simple technique you can learn easily will help you to make excellent short presentations.

Choosing the RIGHT Vendor for Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Simultaneous interpretation is facilitating the communication of speech from one language to another in real-time allowing conversations to flow naturally, without delay. Choosing an interpretation vendor may well be uncharted waters for most meeting planners but if you are handling meetings for large corporations, associations or international organizations, you will at times be requested to provide this service. You can be ready to respond right now by learning the proper terminology, where to find equipment providers and the questions vendors will ask.

Advantages of Early Foreign Language Acquisition

Parents want the best for their children. And that includes education. But, sometimes even the best of parents don’t know about all the possibilities available to their children. And what do you do when you don’t know? You ask around.

Learning Arabic – What You Need to Know Before Shelling Out Cash for Class

So you wanna learn Arabic? Don’t let its fascinating twists and turns derail your path of study. Explore this exciting language with me and in the process save time and money!

Learning Another Language? Intimidated By Grammar? Don’t Be!

Grammar’s one of those topics that makes people uneasy. You know there are these rules that you should follow, but grade school was a long time ago. Now you’re ready to take on a foreign language and feeling kind of uneasy about grammar. Here’s what you need to know about grammar and language learning.

8 Easy Steps in How to Take the Stress Out of Giving a Presentation in English

This article aims to take away some of the nerves that that you get when giving a presentation by giving 8 easy to follow pieces of advice. It is particularly useful for ESL students and business people.

3 Strategies To Reduce Your Foreign Accent

Getting rid of a foreign accent can be difficult, both for new language learners dealing with new sounds and for seasoned learners who’ve been pronouncing sounds incorrectly for years. If your goal is to reduce your accent, here are 3 practical strategies you can easily apply.

Learning English Can Be Difficult at First

Learning English can be quite a challenge for many people. However, it can be of great benefit and can provide a lot of different opportunities.

So How Does One Learn a New Language?

A sometimes controversial topic, having Linguists still looking for the holy grail. What is the best way to learn a new language?

The Ying and Yang of Grammar

For language learners, grammar is often a formidable foe. As soon as you think you’ve got a handle on things, there’s an exception to the rule and you’re back to square one, scratching your head in bewilderment.

3 Ways for Better French Speaking and Accent

If you’re not from France you will find it hard to get that accent perfectly correct when you speak French. There are numerous resources available to help you; the best methods are explained here!

5 Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of a GCSE English Language Tutor

To get the best grades for English, simply finding and paying for an English language tutor isn’t good enough! When paying good money for English tuition, the student should really try to maximize the lesson time.

Picking A Foreign Language For Primary Schools

A significant aspect of the introduction of the 2014 primary National Curriculum is the introduction of compulsory language learning. Schools will have to pick a language out of a choice of seven but how should they decide which one to choose? This article explores.

Rocket Chinese Review: My Experience With This Online Course

Check out my honest review of the Rocket Chinese course. In this review I will outline what you can expect from this course and my experience with this course.

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